Paint a Wall in A Contrasting Color!

Give your home a personal and unique touch

One of the simplest ways to improve the look of your home interior is to paint a wall in a contrasting color with the color of the other walls.

Yeah! It’s simple and easy. By painting one or more walls in a different color, you can give the home a personal touch and an expressive, unique look.


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Paint a Wall in A Contrasting Color, Simple Ways to Create a New Home Interior (video)

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Regardless of whether a beginner or an experienced interior decorator, when it comes to color palettes, painting a wall in a contrasting color is a fabulous idea with certain results.

A single-colored wall in the living room or bedroom is perhaps the right start if you want to invite more colors into your home.

With a single-colored wall, you can easily change the look of the room and create a far more personal home.


Do not be afraid to go wild with the color of the walls

If you want to give your home a certain dose of personality and charm, you should go wild on the contrasting wall (accent wall)!

So, create a wow effect with a stunning paint color, wallpaper, art, tiles, and other decorative accessories.


Harmonious accent colors

In addition to the main color palette, you should choose just two or three accent colors and a contrasting color.

One of the easiest ways, is to use accent colors which are different shades of the main color. It will always harmonize the whole home interior.

Combining different shades of the same color gives more harmony than if you try to match different colors.

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