Simple Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Guest Bedroom Photo courtesy: Room & Board - Classic Contemporary Home Furnishings
Guest Bedroom
Photo courtesy:
Room & Board – Classic Contemporary Home Furnishings

Guest room arrangement requires careful planning so that you can create a relaxing and quiet space for your guests. The guest room must be not only comfortable, it should also be elegant.

There are many design ideas for a guest room, so book your long enough to make the right choice.

However, while planning your guest bedroom design, you should also consider the room utility. In other words think carefully if you will use the space just as guest bedroom or you will use the room for other purposes when you don’t have overnight guests. Also, you need to consider your budget, the money allocated for the design of the room because it is not used all year round.

Let’s see together some decorating ideas.

1. The Bed: Essential in the design of this room is the bed, so opt for a queen or two double beds made from good quality wood, such as teak or oak. They are durable and timeless. Also, choose a firm, resistant and comfortable mattress.
For upholstery, bedspreads and linens choose pleasant, warm shades and tones, to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

2. Contemporary Design: If you want to create a contemporary design in the guest room, avoid using too many colors at the same time. Use two different colors or shades of the same color in the painting of the walls.

3. Curtains, Drapes: Make sure the curtains match the color scheme chosen by you, but also note that the curtains should not be used only visually or aesthetically, as they provide privacy for your guests.

4. Furniture: As for furniture, opt for simple furnishings. Place a chair or armchair in a corner of the room, or if possible use a few pillows on the window sill so that your guests have a place to stay and feel comfortable.

5. The Storage Space: One of the most important aspects of design that is often forgotten, is the storage space. Besides the closet, place a small wardrobe with enough hangers and drawers so that your guests to be able to keep clothes in order, if they stay with you for a longer period of time.

Perhaps these few simple ideas will inspire you and will help you set up a guest bedroom.

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