A 299-ft Height Spiral Staircase in China

The Great Chinese Wall built more than 18 Centuries ago the World Continues to Amaze With its impressive dimensions. In fact, it is the only human construction that can be seen from space.

However, even today Chinese builders and engineers continue to amaze the whole world. It seems that the spirit of these impressive and majestic building works is not lost and is maintained by the new generations of builders.

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A stunning construction through its impressive dimensions can be considered also a spiral staircase of about 299-ft (91 m) in height that leads tourists on the top of Taihang Mountain, China. This construction erected near Taihang Mountains in China amazes any visitor passing through the area. With the help of this structure, the Chinese government hopes to attract more foreign tourists in this beautiful region of China that is Linzhou.

Since the tourism potential of Taihang Mountains in China is not sufficiently exploited, officials and authorities in this country have built a spiral staircase with a height of about 300-ft (91 meters) on the edge of a wall of mountains, writes British newspaper Daily Mail.

Taihang Mountains stretch over a distance of 402 kilometers from north towards south China, passing through regions of Shanxi, Henan and Hebei. The highest point of the mountain is Xiao Wutaishan where Taihang measures 2881 meters high.

This staircase is particularly attractive since it is installed in spiral form and offers an impressive view of the mountains when

tourists arrive in its top.

However, at a first glance, this staircase seems quite dangerous, especially for those who are afraid of heights. For this reason, those dealing with the safety of tourists in the area have imposed some rules for those who want to climb this impressive metal structure.

Therefore, before they can reach the top of the ladder, each bold tourist who wants to climb, is required to sign a sworn statement that has no heart or lung problems and is under 60.

“The wind blows very hard here and the birds are flying beside these stairs, which creak when someone is climbing and that can scare the frightened visitors. However, the experience of climbing a metal ladder is more authentic and especially unique in comparison with a mountain gondola”, say Chinese officials. However, if someone fails to reach the top of the ladder is forced to stop and to “rest right in the middle of it”.

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