Tool Review – RotoZip (RotoSaw) Spiral Saw 5.5A

Not long ago it was called simply, “RotoZip”, but today, the name RotoZip represents an entire company, which produces many other tools. Therefore, this tool is called today RotoSaw, although many people still prefer to call it the old name, RotoZip.

RotoSaw SS 355-10 Spiral Saw
Rotozip SS355-10 Spiral Saw

In fact, RotoZip is well known for their remarkable spiral saws for more than 40 years. Today, RotoSaw is another great brand of the Bosch family.

What is a RotoZip?

RotoZip is a combination between router, drill and saw (a hybrid). First models have appeared in the early ‘70s. They were called improper “Spiral Saw”.

RotoZip is a versatile tool that can help you cut out those difficult and irritating openings around ceiling boxes or around outlets boxes while they are in place. It is less messy and more accurate than a jigsaw, not to mention that you can cut the stud-box connection when you use a jigsaw.

RotoZip (RotoSaw) Advantages

One of the best advantages is their superior quality. How I mentioned above is a very versatile tool being suitable for complex jobs that requires precision.

Another great advantage is that no matter how many old attachments you have such as circle cutter, angle grinder, etc, all match with the attachment scheme of a new RotoSaw.

The New RotoZip RotoSaw SS 355-10 (5.5A)

However, the new kid in town is a compact spiral saw, called “RotoSaw SS 355-10”. It can be called without exaggeration, the most versatile and complete spiral-cutting tool available on the market today.

It comes in a bundle that contains 3 collets (1/4”, 5/32”, 1/8”) and 2 spiral-cutting bits ( 1multipurpose and 1 drywall bit). They are compatible with the majority of the RotoZip’s attachments and accessories.

This new type, RotoSaw SS 355-10 has a good look. It has a new style of handle that is more controllable and comfortable to use than the older type ones. It is a big improvement from the old system, which consisted in a simple Velcro hand strap. You can have now, a superior cutting control in both vertical and horizontal applications.

RotoSaw SS 355-10 has also, a 5.5 A electrical motor with replaceable brushes.

The new RotoSaw weights only 2.5 pounds (around 1.13 kilos) and is provided with exhaust vents that are directional. It is in fact, the best in its class (power to weight ratio).

Its ergonomic body combined with its lightweight and powerful motor makes this tool an irreplaceable tool for you.

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