Tool Review – Senco Fusion F-18 Cordless Finish Nailer

It is no wonder that cordless nailers have become increasingly more popular. You are not connected anymore to a compressor or tangled in hoses and electrical wires.

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However, nothing is perfect. Cordless nailers have their problems too. One of the most common issues is that they are not as fast as ordinary air nailers. In addition, they require replacing the fuel cells and they often jam.

But these annoying problems are solved with the introduction of Senco Fusion F-18 Cordless Finish Nailer. In fact with the advent of Senco Fusion Power Tools a new technology was born.

These tools are really, amazing. You have the convenience of a cordless tool and the performance and power of a pneumatic tool in one device. Not to mention that you do not have to ever buy fuel cells. Senco takes a completely different approach. They use a lithium-ion battery and a sealed nitrogen cylinder to keep their tools powered.


a) Brand – “SENCO”; Manufactured in China
b) Includes – quick charger; one battery; plastic pad; nylon bag
c) Tool-less Adjustable Product; Finish -Galvanized
d) Dimensions – H=330mm/13”; L=279mm/11”; W=76mm/3”
e) Battery Charge – 80% (15 min); 100%(45min)
f) Product body – High Impact ABS Plastic
g) Drive Cylinder – Aluminum
h) Product Weight – 2.72kg/6lb (with battery)
i) Total Weight – 5kg/11lb
j) Gauge– 18
k) Fastener Capacity – 110;
l) Fastener Range – 16mm(5/8”) – 54mm(2 1/8”)


a) Instead of using a combustion engine powered by a motor driven flywheel or a fuel cell, these tools use sealed nitrogen cylinder.
– When you pull the trigger, the pressurized nitrogen from cylinder will push an internal piston forward. This piston will force the head of driver to sink the nail.
– When you release the trigger, the motor of the nailer will reset the position of piston leading to a re-pressurization of the nitrogen cylinder and your tool is ready to sink the next nail.
b) Nitrogen cylinder is a closed recipient (made of Aluminum), nothing it is lost or consumed. Therefore, you do not have to buy anymore fuel cell. This means significant savings, perhaps hundreds of dollars year, depending on how often you will use this tool. However, a nitrogen cylinder last more than 200,000 shots and a new one cost somewhere around $ 175. It is a dramatic difference to how fuel cell would cost for 200,000 shots, (almost $ 1,400).
c) Fusion system means no ramp up time. You need only, to pull the trigger and shoot the nail. Nail will sink instantaneously. This is perhaps the major advantage of Fusion system. In fact, we are talking about an amazing sequence of three shots per second.
d) Fusion system is composed of several parts. It is a huge difference to any typical cordless nailer. In fact, a Fusion nailer is a maintenance free nailer. No need to clean or grease.
e) Fusion nailers are extremely quiet nailers, quieter than any traditional cordless or pneumatic nailers.
f) Fusion F-18 Cordless nailers use an 18 V, 1.5 Ah lithium battery. One charge is enough for 600 shots. However, you have on-board battery indicator that show you exactly the energy level of the battery.
g) Fusion F-18 body is made of high-impact ABS plastic.
h) Fusion system is a safe system. It has a time-out feature that block firing after 3 second. In case you pull the trigger more than 3 seconds, this system feature blocks the firing. You need to release the trigger to reset the system. An another interesting feature is dry-fire lock-out that blocks firing when you have only three or four nails in the nailer magazine.
g) Fusion F-18 is a well-balanced tool that has a slim nose and extremely negligible recoil. You can easy reload the nails in the magazine.

Fusion F-18 Cordless Finish Nailer is really a top quality tool and therefore a good investment.

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