How to Cool Your House without Air Conditioning

Is it possible to have a cool house without using the air conditioner?

Red Drapes

The answer is affirmative. This summer you can save a significant amount of energy thus reducing your electricity bill. You do not need the air conditioner to cool your home.

Your home will be cool and also environmentally friendly. Let’s look at some simple tips that can make your summer more enjoyable.

The Warm Air Out, the Cold Air Inside

The basic principle is quite logical and simple. You have to do everything possible to prevent sunlight from entering the house and also to allow cold air to enter inside the house during the night. So during the day keeps windows closed, curtains and blinds on, especially on the southern and western parts of the house. Use light colors for curtains, which reflect light and protect the windows. At night leave the cabinet doors open so that they can also capture the heat.

Fan The Air Conditioning Younger Brother

A moving air is automatically a cooler air. Therefore, place fans in front of the window at night to bring the cool air inside. A simple but effective way of turning the fan in the air conditioner is to position a bowl of ice in front of it. Remember that during the day the fan does not take effect unless you find yourself in its action radius. Otherwise, do not let it on, because its motor can produce unfortunately, more heat.

Identify the Heat Sources

One is to keep the sun and warm air away from your home, another is to identify the inside heat sources. Electrical appliances and electronics generate heat even when not working. If you are not home during the day, unplug any appliance that you can do without it. Turn off the light whenever you do not need it.

Combat intelligently the heat and enjoy the cool oasis of your house.