Take Pictures inside Your Home like a Pro

Photography and home interior design are two contemporary and artistic activities that match excellent together.

Boy photographing
Taking Pictures

You want to organize a party, you want to find a buyer for your house or simply, you’re proud of your new furniture and you want to share your joy with your friends and family who live far away. A few shots of home taken even by yourself, with more professionalism might be all you need to get a positive feedback.

This article does not cover the technical details; it only seeks to offer a broader perspective on the artistic side of inside photo. Of course, a performing camera will make the difference, but there is no need to invest specifically in one if your financial means are exceeded.

Let’s see several tips that can help you to take pictures like a pro.

Find the Best Angle

It is not necessary to intuit this angle from the first attempt. If you’re a beginner photographer, most likely you will need several attempts to find it. Experts say that the angle, from which the photo is taken, can make this picture either interesting or trivial.

In fact, the pictures taken should convey a “story”. Moreover, while you capture the essence of the room as a whole, do not hesitate to focus also details that are important to you such as a coffee table, a nightstand, a picture, etc.

Keep all the photos taken until you get a final decision which one to keep.


Another secret of any interior good picture is light. So before you start your job, close all artificial lighting sources. This gives the frame more depth and chromatic variety.

Make sure the metal objects, mirrors or other reflective objects that can reflect light back at you, do not get in your objective range.

Avoid taking pictures with the sun in your face and try the same angle several times of the day. For rooms with exposed windows toward the east, the appropriate time is morning, and for those with exposure westward in the afternoon. Northern and southern exposure rooms should be captured when they are most flooded with light.

When it is gloomy weather postpone the photo shooting until the sun will shine again in the sky.

The Style of Your Home

Just like a human model, the house needs time to be ready for the photo shooting. Avoid the object congestion because they load unnecessarily your picture tiring the viewer. For example, do not leave many things on the coffee table, except for a few magazines and a cup of coffee, and avoid kitsch, at any price.

Treat each shot as one taken for professional journals.

Shoot the Corners of the Room

It’s a simple trick but very important, because it makes the room appear more spacious.

When shooting a front wall, usually the room will seem flat and lacking in perspective. Shooting angles give the same effect as the mirrors and even the smallest room of your home will seem larger.

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