Several Cooling and Heating Tips for Your Comfort and Saving Costs

An even distribution of heat in the house is a problem and a concern for the majority of homeowners; and it is normal to be so since the cost to heat or cool a home are constantly increasing from year to year.

In general, these costs depend largely on the lifestyle of everyone, the architectural style of the building, the materials used in home construction and last but not least, depend on the heating system used.

However, regardless of the outlined above factors, using some cooling and heating tips and techniques, you can improve air circulation that can help you to save a significant amount of money and also increase the comfort of your home.

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1| Adjust the Home Vents

You can limit or adjust the airflow amount if you close partially your vents. In this way you can control and determine the optimal amount of airflow, which will lead to significant energy savings. But this is not all. Simple, closing the doors to the unused rooms will maintain the optimum temperature inside of the rooms that you currently use. In this way, you will enjoy all the comfort, while saving money.

2| Check Periodically the Furnace Air Filter

Checking periodically the furnace air (at least once a month) filter should become a habit for any homeowner. In this way, you can clean it and even replace it when needed. Debris, dust, pet hair and dirt accumulate within the filter over time. This buildup limits the free air circulation.  The amount of airflow decreases dramatically, leading to an extra consumption of energy to heat or cool a room. It is imperative to change your filter regularly, for a uniform temperature distribution in your home. Only in this way you can have the necessary comfort, and reduce your energy bills.

3| Install Ceiling Fans

One of the simple and easy ways to ensure an even and correct air distribution in your home is to install ceiling fans mostly in rooms that you use them the most. The principle is very simple. According to the laws of physics, the hot air rises up. A ceiling fan will redistribute evenly the warm air within the room increasing the comfort. Of course, the ceiling fan should be adjusted in such a way to blow the warm air down.

4| Call for Professional Help

However, sometimes you should ask for professional help, especially if you have tried the above methods without noticeable results. A HVAC specialist will give a professional advice and will fix the problem.

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