Creative design ideas for Nordic-style living rooms to inspire you (part1)

Nordic-style or Scandinavian home interiors are usually minimalist, simple living spaces. They always tend to be located in bright spaces with a lot of natural light and many other natural features.

To successfully achieve a Nordic-style home interior décor you should mix textures, geometric patterns, and choose light neutrals without falling into saturation with using a lot of wooden elements.

The Nordic- style is based more on high-quality and good taste than on a overwhelming amount of unnecessary furniture and decorating accessories.

Today there are many trends in Scandinavian-style home interiors. Here, in our article we bring creative ideas to inspire you.

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Wooden furniture to generate warmth

Wood in its natural colors overwhelm contributes to creating inviting and warm environments without losing charm and elegance in time. In plus to its qualities the functionality and resistance of the wood are of great value.

This material is used in excess in the Nordic-style design, and with its warm, natural tones become the piece of resistance in this design type.

As for the interior design of your home interior, you can use wooden furniture with refined, straight lines, simple and especially, elegant.

Make good use of lot of light, especially natural light

Light can reach every corner of our home interiors and thus generating amplitude in each living space. Therefore, natural light must be used to the maximum.

Also, for darker room corners where natural light cannot reach, you should use electrical lamps.

Paint the walls in white for a serene space

The white is an ongoing trend. This color not only enhances the light but it can be used in various and multiple combinations and it also is protagonist of the Nordic-style rooms.

The bright white walls can be combined with different furniture and decorating elements. And something else. You can choose this color for a beautiful furniture.

Mustard-colored armchairs can enhance your living room decor

Charming armchairs in light and simple designs are ideal and complement the Scandinavian-style design. For example, armchairs in a mustard color bring charm and a spot of color in a neutral white background.

There always are materials and colors that never go out of style and mustard color is one that highlights the living space decor.

Elements with geometric motifs

Geometric motifs are usually often used in Scandinavian-style design. The best creative idea is a black and white rug with geometric motifs.

Also, geometric-shaped mirrors are other used decorative elements in this design style and help reflect the light giving in this way a feeling of spaciousness.

The role of wood in the floors

How I have already said wood is excessively used in the Nordic-style design. Wood is an excellent material and create comfortable and warm home interiors. It has a incredible capacity for thermal insulation and it also is very useful for the Nordic-style.

Wooden floors with natural light or dark finishes are the Nordic-style design sensation. Oak and pine are the most used wood essences and are highly recommended by interior designers.

The incorporation of marble in the Scandinavian design style

This natural, strong material gives style and elegance to any home interior. Just think to a beautiful coffee table with a marble top, a bathroom floor from marble, or a marble kitchen countertop. They are ideal for a sophisticated living space.

In combination with other pieces, marble guarantees resistance, which allows you to acquire timeless pieces.

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