How to Install a Cove Base Tile

Cove base is a visual and aesthetic method, means to protect the interior walls surfaces of your home from any damage that can occur. Installing tiles along the surface of the wall boosts the appearance and also the room ambiance.  It’s a smart way to protect the wall base beautifying whilst your floor.

Ceramic Tile Installation
Cove Base Tile

Cove base is in fact a flooring type that is installed typical where the inside wall surface meets the room floor. Vinyl and rubber tiles are generally used in this kind of flooring technique because they are less expensive than traditional and classical wooden baseboards. Laying down these tiles is an easy and simple process, not to mention that they require a basic maintenance. They come in a wide range of unique designs and colors and with their help can be created models to suit any home design and style.

Materials & Tools

– Cove Base Tiles – they can be found in many hardware stores or online. The tile application is a simple and easy task. All you need is some basic skills and a little spare time. However, you can ask an experienced professional to install the tiles for you but in essence, it is still an easy task that you can perform yourself, and you will improve the look of your room.
– Adhesive or mortar to stick the cove base tiles to the room walls.
– A cutting instrument.

Cove Base Installation Steps

How I have mentioned above, laying down  cove base tiles can be done in a simple way and if you have some basic skills you can easily install the tiles along the floor and walls.

1| First analyze the camera’s appearance and draw a sketch on a piece of paper. Measure the length of walls and note them on your sketch.

2| Prior installation lay down the tiles along the walls to get an idea how your cove base will look when the job is done. If you are really happy with how it looks, you can start your work.

3| Use an electric tile saw and cut your cove base tiles in accordance with the measures taken by you.

4| The next step is the application of cove base mortar or adhesive on the face down of the tile. Then press the tile carefully but firmly to the room wall. Proceed in this way, until you have completed the entire length of the wall. Wipe off the mortar excess with a damp rug. Don’t let it to become dry. Check from time to time that the edges of tiles to be in line, without notable differences.

Cove Base Maintenance

Cove base maintenance is simple and easy just like the tile installation. They require a basic cleaning with mild detergents such as soap water or an ordinary household detergent.

If a tile is detached, broken or badly damaged, it can be replaced quite easily. You need only to pull off the tile from the wall and replace it.


Installing a cove base can increase dramatically the look of your home. They are available in a huge range of colors and styles suitable to any type of interior design.

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