How to Build a Sound Proof Room

We are living more and more a throbbing life. Especially urban life is noisy, car, motorcycles, human activity, noisy neighbors everything makes you to look desperately for a peace and quiet environment. For many people who work hard in night shifts, and sleeping during the day, having a quiet room is even more critical.

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Planning to have a sound proof room in an existing building will sacrifice from space. On the other hand, a sound proof room in a new designed building will cost you “only” time and money.

Steps to Take:

1. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through Walls: Look at the floor plan. Decoupling is the solution for a sound proof room.

What is decoupling?

In case of a single stud wall, this can mean clips and channel.

Two studs wall with a 1” space between them, that means more extreme measures, and the wall from of a 4 ½ inches thickness will be 9 ½ thickness.

2. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through Ceiling: Maybe, it is the most critical noise, which has to be eliminated. You will have more possibilities to do that. One is to add more insulation in the attic and use an additional 5/8” inch drywall on the existing ceiling.

Another solution, for a room which is not in the top of the building, is a tile faux ceiling. This can be done only if the room height allows.

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3. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through Floor: Insulate the floor if your room is above grade or above a boiler room. It is a good idea to baffle walls in the empty space surrounding the room to increase the soundproofing. However, if your room is built on a concrete slab, floor is no longer an issue.

4. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through Door: For the room door you will need a different jamb, not a split jamb. STC jamb is the recommended jamb or you can use an insulated exterior door (a fiberglass or vinyl insulated exterior door). However, a STC door is very heavy and also, not cheap and you will need professional help for installation. But it deserves the efforts. For better results caulk under the threshold and fill every gap.

5. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through Window: The best way is to use thermal break insulated windows. The inert gas between glasses is thermal but also acoustic insulator.

However, take in consideration a thick curtain which can be a great sound absorbent.

6. Consider the Noise that Enters the Room through the Air Conditioning Duct-work: Using baffle chambers in the air conditioning duct-work can reduce the noise. A baffle chamber is a simply box built into the duct-work and is made from the same material as duct-work is, and has a series of baffles to block sound waves to travel through duct-work.

7. Installing Acoustic Sound Panels on the Walls and Ceiling: For a perfect room soundproofing you can install acoustic sound panels on the walls and ceiling. You can find these panels in various sizes and finishes.