Small Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Cozy

Plan your dream bedroom – tips and inspiration

The starting point for a bedroom makeover, no matter the space size or the design style, should include three main elements:

  • A bed.
  • Light sources.
  • Bedside tables (nightstands).

Of course, there are other elements, which you need to take in consideration such as a ceiling lamp, a wardrobe, a headboard, a bed foot bench, etc.

However, everything you add beyond the three main elements should fit in with the function of your bedroom and there are many fabulous options.


If you are interested about how to create a dreamy bedroom decor, please read this post and watch our new uploaded video from our YouTube channel:

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Small Spaces #1, Small Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Cozy (video)

Here, in our video, you will discover thirty-four superb design ideas for a small contemporary bedroom.

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Do you want your bedroom to be a place for relaxation?

You can turn your small bedroom into a cozy place made for relaxation. Imagine a meditation corner, complete with comfortable floor pillows, aromatherapy device, and some beautiful indoor plants. You cannot ask for anything more to have a tranquil living space.


Do you want your bedroom to feel spacious?

Do not clutter the space! Start with basic elements and slowly add other elements.

Let plenty of natural light to get inside and make sure that all corners are illuminated.

Do not forget the mirrors! A large mirror reflects the light, and the room will look larger.


Furnishing your bedroom

The bedroom furnishing generally depends on the size of the room and the size of the bed.

A single bed can feel really cozy, if it is placed in a corner. A double or a queen size bed should be placed in the middle of a wall with enough free spaces for the nightstands.


But how do you know what is the right bed size for your own bedroom?

In general, you need approx. 21 inches of space on both sides and at the end of the bed.

Anything less than that makes the bedroom feel cramped.


And don’t forget!

Large beds can also work very well in small bedrooms. With creativity and inspiration, you can find a viable solution.

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