Kitchen-Living Room – the competent combination of two spaces

Kitchen/living room open space

An open space is a popular design solution in our days.

In both our articles and uploaded videos, you have seen many examples how interior designers properly combine living room and kitchen.

Kitchen/Living Room combination

Any open space is definitely a friendly and pleasant space, which offers many and interesting possibilities for creating a modern home interior than separated spaces, not to mention it looks much, much better.

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Practical solutions and important rules for kitchen/living room

Any open space is devoid of artificially created barriers and dividing walls. It allows to functionally use the space in at the same time visually increase the space. Without any additional walls and partitions, the home interior looks really impressive.

When arranging an open space, you need to follow some rules

First, kitchen furniture cannot dominate the whole space. You need a proportional perspective of the two areas, kitchen and living room.

The choice of finishing materials and colors is important. You need a coherence in the use of the color palette for both areas.

Pros and cons for a kitchen/living room open space

Not long time ago closed, separated kitchens dominated our homes. Not anymore. The new apartments and condominiums almost exclusively with a modern open space, which brings together kitchen with living and dining areas.

But how to equip and arrange such large area?

How to functionally make distinct these three-living space?

It is simple between kitchen and the rest of the open space. The dividing element is the kitchen island.

Of course, there are certain advantages of an open space, especially when you are living in a smaller apartment. An open space makes the interior to look bigger than it really is. More than that, family members can be in all the time contact with each other.

What are the cons?

The kitchen combined with the living room, loses its friendly and relaxing character. In addition, sound and smells and travel throughout the whole apartment, which can be effectively unpleasant, especially when you have guests.

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