Why You Should Look for another Apartment to Rent

You have rent an apartment and after a while you realize it’s not what you wanted. You cannot call it home. The good news is that you have not bought this apartment so moving out is not a big deal. The bad news is that this will cost you.

However, you have an excuse, namely that due to the dynamics of the rental market, you have taken this decision being constrained by time. Within minutes you cannot correctly analyze which are the pluses and minuses of a property.

So, after a few weeks or months of living in this apartment, cons come to weigh more than the pros, you need to find another rental apartment.

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What are the main drawbacks that may occur?

1. Public Transportation (Commuting).

You’re positioned well, you’re close to the bus stop or subway, but you need to change 2 to 3 vehicles to get to college or work. You’re wasting your time and time is precious. Not to mention the money. Sometimes you have to take a taxi. This situation is becoming more stressful. You lose time, money and nerves. So you have to move.

2. A Noisy or Maybe too Quiet Building.

When you have first visited this apartment, there was no way to know your future neighbors.

If your house is too noisy, this noise will stress you, not letting you to enjoy this apartment. You will have sleepless nights and days in which your focus and efficiency will be affected.

The same situation is when the building is too quiet, you will not be able to invite your friends to dinner because it will be hard not to talk or listen to music and at the slightest noise, you hear knocking at your door.

3. Neighborhood without Facilities.

If you have chosen a rent just because it was recommended to you by your friends, it is possible that you have not analyzed in detail, how it will be your daily life in the area where you just moved.

Life is not just to be close to the job or to the school but also to be close to a sports field, a park, a parking lot, a non-stop store around the corner or a pharmacy.

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4. Poor Cooperation with the Landlord.

Many of the rental apartment owners are not involved in providing the best living conditions for tenants.

If you are not satisfied with your internet connection or have problems with plumbing or neighbors and the landlord does nothing to improve this situation, this will perpetuate in time and you will not be able to rely on support or any of your complaints.

5. The Rent is too High or It Is Increased over Time

You were under time pressure, and you were willing to pay more for this apartment. Now you’re no longer under time pressure and do not see the real reasons why your rent is increased again. It is recommended that you to have a discussion with the landlord regarding the rent.

Maybe you’ll make it a spectacular bargaining or for the same amount of money you can get more facilities: a reserved parking space, a bigger locker, a fresh painting, etc.

If not, then it is the time to give your moving out notice and to look for a new home.

Turn Your Rental Apartment into Your Home – Tips and Smart Ideas (howtobuildahouseblog.com)

Turn Your Rental Apartment into Your Home – Tips and Smart Ideas (howtobuildahouseblog.com)