Details that significantly improve the comfort of your home


To improve a home’s comfort, no aspect should be disregarded. The sensation of well-being is not just related to a building’s energy performance or the quality of its decoration: minor improvements make the house more pleasant, but also more practical on a daily basis. Installing a light dimmer, a modular sofa in the center of the living room, or a canopy above the entrance door can simply enhance comfort. Because it is not essential to put in a lot of effort to see a noticeable improvement

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It only takes a few changes to feel at ease in your own house. When they do not repair problems related to the construction’s environment (such as significant vis-à-vis or insufficient exposure), these visible elements make everyday life more enjoyable. As a result, they enable us to change the curvature of the sofa, control the lighting with our fingertips, enhance the intimacy of the garden and living rooms with appropriate filters, and stage the entry. Inside and out, the following changes are simple to make and significantly improve house comfort. 


When the garden is exposed to the view of neighbors, it can be difficult to completely enjoy it. Install privacy screens to protect the seclusion of the land without enclosing it behind a concrete wall. It is possible to blur the view with an effective system, which raises the profile of the garden (and therefore produces a pleasing environment around the house). The privacy screen can be found in wood for a claustra inspiration, contemporary in aluminum or black metal, sober in PVC, and even with bohemian accents when using plant fibers. Aesthetic benefits include increased simplicity of upkeep because accumulated dirt can usually be eliminated with a simple wipe with a sponge. Green hedges are a less restricted alternative.


Artificial lighting is one finish that should never be overlooked in a home. Poorly placed or insufficient lighting might truly change the mood. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase a home’s lighting comfort without doing extensive maintenance. Dimmer switches, for example, allow the intensity of lighting in a room to be modified on a daily basis to make it more comfortable. Simply turn the dial with your fingertips to adjust the brightness to create a more or less subdued ambience, or to program the ignition if the model in question has a timer.


What if simply replacing your sofa with a modular model was enough to make your living area more comfortable? The components that make up this sort of sofa can be separated into multiple independent seats or joined together into a true bed with a simple hand gesture. As a result, the living room configuration adapts to all conditions in the home. There is no longer a choice between a corner model with a chaise longue to stretch your legs in front of the TV (and doze off there after a big lunch) and a small type that allows for better circulation. The modular sofa combines the benefits by adapting its shape to the various activities.


Curtains may do much more than merely embellish holes. They allow light to leak through yet block neighbors or passers-by (for example, if the house overlooks a busy street) from viewing the living rooms. They contribute to thermal comfort as soon as they are pulled in both winter and summer because they allow heat input and exit to be controlled. Installing drapes around huge bay windows is especially suggested for lowering energy bills, whether for heating or air conditioning. They produce an enveloping, cozy ambiance once placed, enhancing the feeling of well-being in the room where they are installed. 

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