Small Apartments that Go Big with Bold Décor Themes

Setting up a small apartment

If the living area, work area, kitchen, and dining area have to share an open space and the bedroom is separated, it is one-bedroom apartment.

One-bedroom apartment is perhaps, the most common residential unit in our days. Especially in large cities, this type of living is very popular due to the continue increase of costs of life and lack of space.

Small Apartment 1

We have uploaded a new video in our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”  for everybody who is interested to find out how to furnish and decorate a small one-bedroom apartment.

Small Apartments that Go Big with Bold Décor Themes (video)

Our more than forty ideas and tips from the video reveal how you can feel comfortable in just a few square feet living space.

You will find here, fabulous home interiors despite their limited space. And that is due to a clever furnishing and decorating idea.

Small Apartment 2

Do you live in a small apartment?

Do you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, but at the same time you want to make the interior comfortable and convenient?

Then ideas presented here, in our video for small apartments, certainly worth your special attention.

Pay attention to these thoughtfully designed and seductive apartment interiors.

They are so different like size and layouts, but they definitely have something in common.

Architects have ensured high levels of natural light to get inside through wide floor-to-ceiling windows and large sliding doors.

The color palette is extremely attractive in every apartment, and it is a beautiful contrast between the hardwood floors and furniture.

Small Apartment 3

Living large in small apartments

Have you researched how to get the most out of your living space?

I’m pretty sure you have. Because anyone who lives in a small living space is regularly looking for ideas and tips to increase the comfort and make their small home interior to look elegant and fancy.

Generally speaking, the majority of articles and videos show us large and luxurious apartments far away from the possibilities of most of us.

So, we like to think our articles and videos can help you.

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