Small Living Rooms in Cozy Colors – Tips and Ideas

It is important to pay attention to the color of your small living room.

When it comes to furnishing and decorating of your own small living room, you need to avoid overloading the environment with too many decorative accessories, furniture, and colors.

After all, your living room should be warm and cozy, especially when it has a limited space. Too many decorations, furniture pieces, and colors make a small space to look smaller than it really is.

Therefore, some decoration and furniture placement factors must be taken in consideration so that the space of your living room can be used to the maximum.

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Small Spaces #2, Small Living Rooms in Cozy Colors (video)

We listed in our new uploaded video, tips, and creative color combination ideas for small living rooms.

Elegant and cozy living rooms in darker color combinations

We have written in our video description that: β€œWhat color should you paint your living room to make it look bigger? The first answer that comes to mind is white or a light color. They are indeed the most obvious choices, but they are not the only one.”

So true! Many decorators and interior designers have warned us about how wrong it is to use darker color palettes in small living rooms, but the truth is when they are well applied, they look great in the overall decor. Many times, a color nuance can be so different and surprising in combinations with others that it makes us forget about the space itself size.

Smart tips and ideas

Let’s see a smart tip about accent walls in small living rooms! I am speaking about a painting technique that consists of painting the accent wall in a different color from the others, either to create a visual and aesthetical separation or a focal point that attracts the eye.

This technique works especially very well in a small living room because it gives the illusion of a larger space.

Colors and color combinations for small and cozy living rooms

If you have doubts about the right color for your own living room, consult a professional. But anyway, I want to give you some ideas, guide you, and make some proposals to find the right hue:

  • Dark red walls and white furniture.
  • Beige walls and natural wood furniture.
  • Gray and again white furniture.
  • Lime green walls for a small living room in rustic design style.
  • Bordeaux walls for an elegant small living room.
  • Small living room walls in pastel tones.

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