Smart ideas for the interior of a living room combined with a work area

Combining your living room with a small workstation can be a smart move. It helps you when you do not have the possibility to have your own study.

Multifunctional Living Room

In this case, which by the way, it is a common situation for most of us, the living room has two functions at the same time: it combines the possibility of relaxation and work.

Living room/work area combination: advantages and disadvantages

This design idea, like everything else has its advantages and disadvantages.

 The positive factor is that in addition to saving precious space, this combination makes your home interior more personal and original. More than that, you can beneficiate from the good lighting of the living room, which obviously creates favorable working conditions.

But there are also several disadvantages. For example, the Tv sound can distract from your work.

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Where is the best place for your workspace?

If you still do not have another solution and you are forced to combine the living room with the work area, you need first to decide on the best place for its location.

Your small office should be placed on a room side, for example in the living room corner.

A best placed workstation provides comfort to both the family members and the working person.

How to separate the workstation from the rest of the living room?

For this, different partition types can be used. A smart idea are bulkheads. They provide complete insulation. Curtains and screens can also create comfort and coziness in the room.

You can also separate the work area from the living room with the help of furniture pieces. For example, cabinets will hide the entire workstation.

The workstation space can be highlighted with color

This is indeed a great design idea, especially if the living room interior dΓ©cor is bright and airy. In this case is recommended to paint the working area in neutral colors to ensure working concentration.

Placement of furniture for your workstation

The most important task is the choice of furniture and its placement in the room.

You need to place the necessary furniture pieces without cluttering the already busy living room. First start removing all the unnecessary stuff from the room.

The excess of objects and furniture will clutter up the space interfering with the free movement. A smart idea is to replace old, massive, and outdated furniture with multifunctional furniture pieces.

After that, all you need is to place your desk – the most important element of the workstation. You have many options to do that.

It can be placed diagonally keeping in this way, the entire corner of the room occupied.Β  For sure the work area will look cozy.

Proper lighting

Proper lighting is essential for your working area, especially natural lighting.

Also, for your convenience, it is necessary to choose the right electrical lighting in the space. In addition to table lamps, it is recommended to install a pendant lamp or a chandelier. Also, cold shades of fluorescent lamps can be used, but lamps with yellow light are more comfortable and pleasant for the eye.

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