How You Should Store the Winter Clothes

Do not let your winter clothes to occupy a useful space in your closets during the summer. Do not let them to clutter your home. Moreover, if you care for your winter clothes and want them to have a long life, then maybe you should know that their proper storage during the summer is vital.

Let’s see together some tips for storing them correctly. After all, I do not think it is someone who wants a disorganized and cluttered closet.

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The sorting of winter clothing is made generally, depending on the material type – artificial (spandex, polyester, etc.) separated from those of natural fibers (cotton, leather, silk or in).

Washing and Cleaning

Before being stored for the winter, it is mandatory the washing, cleaning and ventilation of the clothes. Anyway, before washing is always recommended to read the label and to proceed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Special attention should be given to fur or leather clothes that need to be cleaned at least once by a specialized cleaning service.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage should be done in special thermo-regulated foils, or special fiber bags.

The storage of leather, wool and fur clothes is made in breathable textile sacks, on special wide hangers that will not ruin their shape.


Do not store your clothing in wet places.
Do not store your winter clothes in plastic bags or in places with light because a bright light stimulus leads in time to discoloration of the fibers cause excessive leather dryness and damage the fur coat.
Do not perfume your leather or fur clothes during storage.

Leather Clothes

Leather clothes should be cleaned at specialized cleaners to keep the leather coloring pigment, texture and shine closer to the initial state. At home they can be maintained by wiping them with a damp, soft and clean piece of cloth, drying and treatment with a natural skin conditioner universal. Their storage is done in areas away from deficient or excessive moisture and direct sunlight.

Wool and Fur Clothes

Wool items must be vented during the summer. Naphthalene will protect wool from moths. However, you should know that naphthalene should not come in direct contact with wool items because it causes discoloration and the weakening of fibers.

It is a good idea to place essence of cedar capsules in the closet. It is also recommended that wool items to be kept in cedar chests.

Fur garments should be cleaned once a year, and maintained to keep them freshness and softness. This is achieved through a process of dry cleaning, performed by a specialist.

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