Living Rooms in Gray, White, and … Wood

Nordic or Scandinavian style living rooms.

There are countless ways you can furnish and decorate your living room. The most important parameter for most of us is probably that a stylish and comfortable living room should reflect our preferred style and of course, our personality, no matter if you love a minimalist design style or love trinkets.

The Nordic style, or Scandinavian style has dominated our home interiors for many years now and continues to be one of the most preferred and trendy design styles. Our living rooms presented in both the new uploaded video and article are part of this design style. Superb living rooms in gray, white, with an extensive use of wood.

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Living Rooms: Gray, White, and Wood (video)

We listed here, more than forty creative ideas for stylish living rooms in gray, white and… wood.

Decorative and designing elements such as a divine light, natural materials, the simple design expression and maybe a few classics décor elements should fit the Nordic style pretty well.

No to overdoing it, simple, minimalist interior that let only the good materials, subtle colors, like gray and white, and simple but quality furniture speak for themselves. We know very well that “less is more”.

Anyway, the fact that the living room decor is minimalist does not mean that the coziness and comfort has been turned down.

You can easily and simply create a coziness feeling in the home interior by choosing the right materials, colors, and of course, the right accessories.

Natural materials in the living room décor.

In addition to the simple design expression, our living rooms presented in the video, are also characterized by the use of natural materials especially wood, in light colors. Wood in plays an essential role when it comes to choose the furniture and floor for a living room, especially when the room is in Nordic design style.

Colors in a Nordic design style living room.

When it comes to the color choice, it is a good idea to choose light neutrals such as white and light gray. Together with the natural color of the wood they will make a divine combination.

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