Beautiful Living Rooms with Stylish Wallpapered Accent Walls

Living room accent wall

Is your living room ready for a makeover and an update? In this case, change the look of your living room and create the ultimate feature – a wallpapered accent wall.

There is a huge collection of wallpapers in hundreds of colors and patterns. So, it is pretty difficult to choose the right one for your own living room.

Whether you love to live in the middle of a big city or in a small town, there always is a mural for you.

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Beautiful Living Rooms, #10: Stylish Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas (video)

You will see here, almost fifty creative and inspiring living room design ideas.

Wallpaper has once again become trendy.

After several decades in the shadow of fast-drying wall paint and fiber fabrics, there are many signs that the choice of wallpaper for the home interior walls is increasing once again. We will certainly not experience a to see again overdecorated small living rooms but rather wallpapers in modern colors and patterns used as a supplement, details and accent in the rest of the overall decor and the general color palette of the home interior.

The contemporary living room is about to change its style.

After more than 30 years of preferring fiber wave, sawdust wallpaper, and acrylic painted walls, there is now a steady increasing interest in a wider  variety of wall treatments. Especially in the living rooms.

With a single wallpapered accent wall you can change the look of any living room no matter the style.

And speaking about colors and patterns. Vivid, bold colors are extracted from wallpaper patterns and textiles, ceilings and furniture are once again coming in colors, while the furniture shapes are rounded off in the form of template and border prints.

And the motifs are coming in a huge diversity – from the naive, cute and romantic to geometric.

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