So This is Christmas – Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday Season

It is Christmas time again and indeed everything starts to look like Christmas. Shopping and preparation frenzy has begun. And the most important thing, the decoration of the Christmas tree.

However, in all this joy and happiness, when the spirit of Christmas is alive in each of us, we must not forget the risks of accidents or fire, to which our families and we are exposed due to the Christmas trees and decorations.

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It is well known that during this period, unfortunate holidays related accidents are experiencing a significant growth.

1| During this time, the possibility of fire increases with more than 17%.
2| Personal risk of accidents can increase up to 25%.
3| The loss of properties can increase up to 7%.

Each of us only wants to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. Therefore, it is important to prevent and reduce the possibility that these unfortunate events happen.

Christmas Tree

Before buying a Christmas tree, try it if is fresh. You can easily tell if it is fresh.

1| Bend a branch. It must be elastic and bend without breaking.
2| Shake the branch. If it is fresh, needles should not fall.

DO NOT place your Christmas tree next to a heat source. That will make it to dry fast.

Do NOT light candles on Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree. If you prefer an artificial Christmas tree, make sure you will buy one labeled fire resistant.

Christmas Decorations

Of course, we will choose Christmas decorations according to aesthetic effect.

However, a good idea is to choose decorations that are:

1| Flame retardant
2| Non-conductive
3| Non-combustible

DO NOT buy Christmas decorations that are small in size and can be easily swallowed by toddlers or pets.

DO NOT use artificial snow together with the angel hair. This combination is extremely flammable.

Christmas Lights

We should give special importance to Christmas lights. Therefore, it is best to buy and use only certified light sets.

In addition, follow these tips:

DO NOT use interior Christmas lights for outside decorations.

In fact, DO NOT use exterior Christmas lights for interior decorations. They can be too hot for your Christmas tree.

DO NOT leave The Christmas lights unattended.

Make sure you have turned off the lights before leaving your home, or use a timer to do it.

Check all the lights set before using them and DO NOT use more than 3 sets per extension cord.

Fire Place

Make sure the fireplace chimney is clean.

DO NOT burn paper or cardboard in your fireplace. Anyway, they will burn too fast and will create creosote that will deposit inside of your chimney.

No socks clinging to the edge of a burning fireplace.

Follow these easy steps and you will enjoy a peaceful and magic Christmas.

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