Make Sure Your House is Safe During the Holiday Season

Winter Holidays offers you the chance to escape from the urban jungle and relax in a cozy mountain cabin or why not on a sunny and exotic beach.

However, do not leave your home without making sure that everything is in order and that there is no way to occur an incident. Here are some issues that need to be considered when you go on winter vacation.

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1. Check the Plumbing

Check all plumbing (pipes, the sink and bathtub faucets and pipes, the washing machine valve) to make sure they are OK. Any malfunction no matter how small it is, should be repaired in time, otherwise who knows what incidents may occur while you’re away from home. If you do not have time or money to fix it would be better to leave a house key to a person you trust. Ask her to enter the house once in a while to see if everything is OK.

2. Unplug all Appliances

Appliances consume power even when they are in standby. Therefore, it is a good idea to unplug your appliances, except the refrigerator. Your food processor, the microwave oven, the TV set, the computer and other electric devices must be unplugged to prevent the risk of a short circuit.

3. Take Care of Plants

Plants do not need frequent watering in winter, as many of them go dormant. However, you cannot leave them without water, because they can wilt. A brilliant solution would be to build a permanent watering device. All you have to do is to fill a bowl with water and place it near the pot. Get an old cotton T-shirt that you no longer wear and cut it into several strips. Place one end of the strip into the bowl with water and the other end into the potting soil. The fabric will absorb water slowly but steadily, and will ensure an optimal moisture for your plant.

4. Set  the Thermostat or the Radiators at a Lower Temperature

Since you will not be home for the holidays, it makes no sense to leave the thermostat set to a high temperature. Experts say that a temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius (50-54 Fahrenheit) is ideal while you’ll be gone. Leave the doors open for air to be constant in all rooms.

5. Make Sure the Alarm System Works

Check the alarm system. Make sure it is working without problems. Let some lights inside plugged into a timer. Ask a friend or neighbor pick up from time to time, the newspapers and mail from your front door.

6. Check Out all the Windows Closing Systems

If you want to make sure, you do not let thieves free path, check all closure systems of windows and doors. If you live in a house and get used to leave a window open for ventilation, you should close it when you leave. Experts say you should not go down all the blinds, because this gesture gives the impression that no one is home.

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