The Best Ways to Remove Calcium Deposits From a Red Brick Driveway

A red brick driveway adds elegance, style and charm to the your property entrance. Unfortunately, over time, being exposed to the elements and sprinkler water, calcium deposits might form on it. While acid rains usually remove much of these calcium deposits, ceramic brick has a high level of acidity resistance, and you could discover quickly your red brick driveway changing its color, taking a whitish tone.

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Cleaning with garden hose or even with a power washer will not remove these stubborn calcium deposits. Because these calcium deposits are bases, you should use an acid-based solution to neutralize and remove calcium deposits from the driveway. The best way is to use a moderate acid solution of water and vinegar or a harder, chemical such as TSP, trisodium phosphate for persistent calcium deposits.

Materials & Tools

– Power washer, 3,000 psi; Water; White Distilled Vinegar
– Gloves; Protective eye-wear; Mask; 2-Gallon Bucket;  Brus
– TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)

Vinegar Solution

1| Using a 3,000 psi or under power washer, wash thoroughly your brick driveway to remove mud and loose dirt. A higher than 3,000 psi power washer will certainly remove not only the loose dirt but will also disturb the mortar and will budge and etch the driveway bricks.

2| Wear protective equipment (gloves, protective eye-wear and mask) when handling chemicals. Prepare your solution mixing white distilled vinegar (2-3 cups) with hot water (2 gallons).

3| Before applying your solution spray thoroughly your brick driveway with a garden hose to have a well-wetted surface.

4| Using a stiff brush scour, wipe and cleanse the brick driveway surface with your solution of water and vinegar.

5| Rinse your driveway with a lot, clean water to remove all remaining solution. In fact, you should wash the brick surface with a lot amount of water, before and after applying the solution to remove the stubborn calcium deposits. Otherwise, it is the risk that your cleaning agent to dissolve the mortar and you can compromise your driveway integrity.

TSP Solution

1| Wash away grime, mud and dirt from your red brick driveway with a low-pressure power washer (3,000 psi or lower).

2| Put on your protective gear (mask, eye-wear and gloves) before mixing the chemical solution.

3| Mix hot water (2 gallons) with TSP or “Trisodium Phosphate” (2-3 cups) in a plasic bucket. DO NOT USE a metal bucket because this chemical solution can cause chemical reactions.

4| Scrub thoroughly the brick surface with your water and Tsp solution using a rough plastic brush. DO NOT USE a metal brush, because you can loosen the mortar and compromise your driveway.

5| Rinse the brick driveway surface with a lot amount of clean water

NOTE: Always test your chemicals on a small area before applying a cleaner solution and check for any discoloration

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