The Doors Between Your Main House and Your Conservatory Can Affect Your Home Insurance

If you don’t have a conservatory already, ensure you build a conservatory. Statistics indicate that the presence of a conservatory can boost your home’s value. One thing though, always ensure the conservatory match the rest of the home.

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Actually, it should appear as if it is just an extension of the other rooms, hence should have a natural ‘flow’ into the other rooms.

Home base conservatories are available in four styles: Victorian; Edwardian; Mediterranean; Pavilion.

When you build a conservatory, such as with all home improvements, planning is essential.

Thankfully building regulations do not usually apply to conservatories so you do not need to apply for planning permission. The notable exceptions are for conservatories that extend beyond 30 sq meters, or where you have to knock through from a main living space with no partitioning doors in between (effectively increasing the size of the room). Most typical conservatories with standard double-glazing will not comply.

However, you should notify your house insurance company before any work is carried out. You will need insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding the conservatory under your buildings policy. The sum insured on the buildings policy may need to be revised to include the cost of constructing the conservatory. You will also need to ensure that the items kept in the conservatory are insured under the contents policy.

Locks fitted to conservatory doors and windows, including sliding patio doors should conform to the specified regulatory standards. Remember that it is entirely the policy holder’s responsibility to ensure that this is the case.

When the works to the conservatory, or extension, are finished the new build becomes part of the structure of the house and covered under the existing buildings policy.

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