Simple Tips to Decorate Your Home with Style

An original and sophisticated room does not require too much furniture and decorative objects. The secret is in combining furniture and colors.

Make Your Room to Look Larger

Install a mirror above the sofa. In this way you will give the feeling of another window; in this way you fool the eye, because you think you see through the wall and the room looks more spacious.

For a few extra square feet, make an extension of the living room on the terrace. The idea is to use decorative objects like furniture and glass doors that will give the impression of a longer living.

Innovative Art – Use Your Imagination

Place on the wall – around the mirror, but asymmetric (under any circumstance, symmetrical) – various framed photographs or paintings and you will destroy the symmetry and somehow the formal look that your room would have had.

Choose the Blue Color for the Walls

The blue color can be used for both modern interiors and for the traditional ones. This color offers a slightly satin finish and adds an elegant touch. In addition, reflects the light and thus enhances the impression of room volume.

Use Unconventional Tables

In the small size rooms, it is preferable to put two small tables instead of traditional large coffee table. The room looks more airy and more spacious. And if needed, you can use them as … stools.

Use Extra Pillows

Just think they are real jewels for your couch. For example, pillows with geometric prints highlight the ivory upholstery.

Bring the Outside Inside

When you go on vacation, do not forget to bring home shells, coral, river stones or dried leaves. Put them in a corner, and your room will freshen up.

Use Natural Materials

Another secret of a cozy décor is using, as much as possible, natural materials. It is also important not to choose plastic decorations; it is advisable to choose the wood or stone ones.

Undoubtedly, the combination of glass, metal and wood combination is extremely chic. However, mixing styles is a complicated art, so you must be careful not to fall into the kitsch.

Vintage Style

If you like vintage style, then learn to harmoniously combine old furniture with new elements. To “blur” too imposing furniture, make a small mix of furniture in the wall area.

Use Potted Plants

Beautify the windows of your home with stylish pots, which add extra charm to your home.

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