What is the Best for Your House, Conservatory or Sunroom?

For most of the people, words Conservatory and Sunroom mean the same thing, a certain room, specially designated to receive much natural light.

Therefore, these words are used interchangeably. However, the term conservatory is used more in U.K., while the term sunroom is used more in U.S. and Canada. Although, there are many similarities between Conservatory and Sunroom, there are also, some noticeable differences.

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The main difference consists in their type of construction.


Sunroom is in fact, a home addition, an extension of your living space. Sunroom is included in the house architecture, it has a roof, it is like any other room with only one difference, its large number of windows.

Because it has a large number of windows, sunrooms are usually, built along the side or in the back of the house.

Sunroom can be heated in the cold season, or can be cooled during summer time.

Therefore, they can be used all year long.

This is another major difference from the Conservatory.

In addition, today’s sunrooms are equipped with modern HVAC.

In conclusion, a sunroom let you feel like you are outside, while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Not weather fads, mosquitoes or annoying insects that can affect your serenity and relaxation.

A sunroom is appropriate to each house style and increases the overall value of that house.

Another difference from the Conservatory and at the same time a sunroom’s disadvantage is that you do not have a glass roof and therefore you cannot get a complete view of the surroundings.


Actually, we can say that a Conservatory is a greenhouse. Why?

Conservatory is entirely made of glass, with glass walls and roof made of glass.

It is a good idea that your conservatory to face South to get as much natural light. It is also, indicated that your Conservatory to be in the midst of natural beauty surrounded by greenery.

However, there are some disadvantages regarding conservatories.

Generally, a conservatory, opposed to a sunroom can be used only in the springtime and autumn. A conservatory is not heated or cooled.

But the biggest drawback of the conservative is that glass can easily become dirty from acid rain, dust, birds, snow, etc.

Architecturally speaking, while Sunrooms are suitable for any style of home, Conservatories cannot properly match with many kinds of homes.

However, today, sunrooms and conservatories tend to become increasingly similar in style, design, materials and use. Therefore is increasingly hard to distinguish between them. In fact, I think it is important to choose a type that corresponds to your life style.

Do not forget that you can use a sunroom all the year long and a conservatory only when the weather permits.

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