The Environmental Benefits of Renovating vs. Building a New Home

Time is flying and your family grows in the same time. At some point in time you need to adapt your home in a way to provide a living space and comfort to all family members. Some renovations or even additions are relatively low cost, other not. However, the biggest challenge for any growing family is the growing need for larger living quarters.

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When your children are small, no problem to share a room. But you should think in advance, before they become teenagers.

All the teenagers need and want to have their room and privacy, not to mention it’ll be pretty odd that, a brother and sister to share a room when their puberty arrives.

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 Your Options

You have three options:

1. Building a New House

Building a new house is costly and has an environmental impact. It implies to settle the land, which means to clear the terrain of vegetation, maybe to deforest it, and also to displace the animals. Obvious, every developed land will increase our carbon foot, will affect our planet.

2. Moving in an Existing, Larger House

Moving into an existing larger house it has also, an impact of our environment, somehow smaller than building a new house. In fact, the former owners of the existing house can start to build a new house somewhere else.

However, it could be a less environmentally impact if you and your family move in a larger underutilized house and the former owners move in an existing smaller house.

3. Build an Addition or Renovate Your Existing Home

Building a new addition could have less damage for our environment. However the best solution is to renovate and convert different home areas such attic or basement. By conversation of the attic or basement you can add extra living quarters for your growing family without hurting our planet.

With a minimal cost for your budget you can also, add a significant value to your house and the most important thing it’ll be environmentally friendly.