Bamboo – A Wonderful Eco Friendly Element of Interior Design

Today, bamboo is definitely, a material that is increasingly preferred by interior designers and is also increasingly popular in homeowner preferences for their home interior decorations.

Besides it is a simple and versatile material, bamboo has also proved to be a valuable natural resource for the economy. Why?

Bamboo is the only plant in the world (actually a grass) that grows incredibly fast, more than 1.2 meters daily. So choose bamboo accessories and decorations for your home if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint, and also to take advantage from an exotic and modern design for your home.

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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is preferred by all interior designers. The reasons are obvious:

1.     Bamboo is moisture resistant and repels insects.
2.     Moreover, its look is quite similar to the wooden flooring.
3.     Bamboo flooring comes in a wide variety of colours.
4.     Bamboo can be a great option when you want to light your room with your fine textured floor, or when you wish to have a classic solid look through an innovative material.
5.     Bamboo flooring is extremely durable and simply to maintain.

Blinds and Curtains from Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo blinds and curtains have gained lately a lot of popularity because they allow you to control the natural light, offering you privacy. They are also popular through their exceptional quality of the material.

Bamboo blinds provides primarily a business atmosphere being very suitable for your office, but in the meantime you can use it if you want to successfully create a restful and relaxing corner in your home with a tropical vacation look.

Bamboo Furniture

A bamboo coffee table with chairs also made of bamboo will create a vacation look in the garden, patio and even in your home. They can be placed near your swimming pool or inside your house, along with all sorts of marine accessories to keep close to you, the breeze of a tropical vacation. Place on your coffee table several napkins made ​​from bamboo for your cutlery, a fruit salad and a cold drink.

Try to acquire pieces of furniture made of bamboo for your home. You will not go wrong with your choice. However, do so only if you really want to give an exotic look to the whole house. Otherwise, you can limit to a few bamboo items to effectively blend with other diverse styles.

For those who love this incredible material, an exotic bamboo bed fitted with white diaphanous curtains will make them feel like on the seashore or on the contrary, they will feel the coolness of tropical forests.

If you are a convinced environmentalist then choose only furniture made ​​of bamboo, for the interior of your home.

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Accessories for Your Kitchen

Bamboo processing industry has grown in recent years, and it is no wonder because it does not require chemical processing of this material. Not to mention that bamboo is easy to process.

Choose for your kitchen a neutral look adapted to a healthy lifestyle. Replace stainless steel with bamboo utensils, paper napkins with those made ​​from bamboo fiber. But the list goes on: holders, bamboo plates, bowls made ​​from bamboo that successfully replace those made from plastic.

Sheets and Towels made ​​from Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fibers are well known for their natural antibacterial properties.

Sheets and towels made ​​from bamboo fiber are considered luxury items due to their resistance, softness, fragrance and absorption power. Bamboo fibers can absorb up to 40% more liquid than cotton fibers.

Bathroom Accessories

Bamboo is used as the main material in spas, precisely because it offers an outdoor holiday, soothing and relaxing feeling. Transform your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and solitude, combining bamboo with neutral tones.

Bamboo Ornaments and Decorations

The possibilities are numerous. Photo frames for your precious photos, baskets or true chests, candle holders or napkins, flower pots, and the list goes on.

Europeans and North Americans have just beginning to discover this wonderful material that Asian nations know it for a long time. You must also count you among the lucky ones who benefit from this wonder of nature. Do not forget that the price of items made ​​from bamboo is suitable for every pocket, so you can adopt an Eco friendly design with a low budget for your home.