The Benefits of Building a Small House

Choosing to build a small house instead to buy a condominium has becoming a more pronounced trend in recent years and in fact, has a lot of benefits. Think about it! You can build your own house from scratch. However, it would be more advantageous to orient yourself to a small home than a too large property.

Let’s see why?

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1| Lower Costs

Building a house is the biggest investment of your life and obviously involves a number of significant costs. Therefore, before you stop on a generously sized property, you should consider the costs involved.

Keep in mind that building a smaller house can lead to significant savings. You will pay much less for land, project, design, construction materials, labor and maintenance. Just think of the costs that involve heating a house or energy costs that are much lower for small house. More than that, a smaller home has a less harmful impact on the environment.

You should also take into account the bank loan that you absolutely need when building a house. A smaller home will imply a lower credit and therefore the financial impact on your family will be lower.

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2| Less Maintenance

A less spacious house has obvious a smaller living area and thus fewer rooms, furniture and decorations to maintain and clean. Besides cleaning of a small home can save you valuable time, not to mention lower costs (a low investment in cleaning products, laundry etc.)

3| More Organization

A small home doesn’t need too many pieces of furniture and things (accessories and decorative items). Setting up a small house is less expensive and you will benefit from the advantage to be able to organize your assets more easily.

If you are converting a large home to a smaller one, take the opportunity to sort your stuff. Keep in mind that an airy, unencumbered by unnecessary things, home is more comfortable and relaxing.

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4| More Privacy

In a house with many rooms, family members will be less likely to spend time together, because a house as a museum is prone to isolation. Instead, a chic, small, cozy home has the opposite effect: increases the intimacy and keep close your family.

5| A Less Luxurious (Maybe) but Healthier Lifestyle

A big house invites you to a most demanding lifestyle that that is time-consuming, implying the acquisition and stewardship of a lot of useless objects. A small house determines you to limit to a smaller number of objects and contributes to a simpler but healthier lifestyle, with more people closer in the detriment of things.

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