The Proper Flooring for Children’s Room

Many of us are wondering what it is the best flooring for the children’s room. Choosing the right floor must consider several important factors. After all, your kids room is unique among other rooms.

Children play most of the time on the floor, write down on the floor, paint on the floor, build on the floor, etc. Usually, their desk is too small for their extensive and creative activities. It is therefore very important that the floor surface to be as good as strength, elastic and healthy as possible.

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Wooden Flooring

Each wooden floor is in its way, unique. A good wooden flooring ensure a friendly, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in the room. It is a robust kind of flooring; regulate the moisture level and prevent and inhibit electrostatic build-up. Wooden floor is extremely simple to maintain. You can easy remove dust, dirt and bacteria which anyway will not survive on its surface. But perhaps the most important thing is that the wood floor is a warm floor, making it a perfect choice for your children’s room. So, there will be no problem if children walk or play on this warm and friendly surface.

Hardwood flooring, such as parquet, laminate, engineered hardwood floor in have become classics today, for a room setting. Solid wood has a very long lifespan, and if after a few years his appearance is not as in the first day you can easily give it a new “face”. This process can be repeated several times without problems. The wood used, depends mostly of the preference and budget of everyone. You can use oak, maple or beech.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Solid wood floors repay a little care and maintenance with a lifetime of value. The finish of the hardwood floor not the wood type determines in fact, how you care and clean for the floor.

Generally, most new hardwood flooring are sealed with polyacrylic, urethane or polyurethane. These surfaces are water-damaged and stain resistant and extremely easiest to clean and care for.

However, do not use waxes, oils or furniture sprays. Do not also use alkaline products, straight ammonia or abrasive cleaners. The best is to use a floor –cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer or the floor finisher and of course, water and soap.


Laminate is also a very suitable flooring option for your children’s room. It is easy to install and care. However, unlike solid wood floorings laminate floorings are cold floorings. Therefore, it is appropriate your children to play on a thick rug or carpet, possibly one of the wool. One other drawback is that laminate is relatively noisy when we step on it.

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