How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bathroom

Colors are extremely important to the human psyche. They can change your mood without you even realize that. They can help you relax and give you an enjoyable feeling or contrary they can depress you.

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Researches show that colors influence your subconscious. Therefore, is critical to choose carefully the right color for your room, whatever is that room, living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

That is not all. The nuances and tones of the same basic color can affect your psychic differently.

Let’s see some basic colors and their effect.


Researches show this color lower your blood pressure and can give you a sensation of peace and serenity. It is one of the most adequate colors for a bedroom or a nursery. However, if you prefer to take long baths, to soak in your bathtub, and enjoy moments of relax and peace, then this is the fit color for your bathroom.


This color seems to have a similar effect with the blue color. It is a wonderful color, the color of the environment, the color of hope. It can give you a great feeling but only green is not a fit color for a bathroom. However, mixing blue and green together you can get the perfect combination for your bathroom.

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Purple is an imperial color, a superb color. In fact, is not a basic color, is somewhere between red and blue. It is considered a secondary color, but can give to human psyche an extraordinary feeling, a feeling of luxury and comfort. For a bathroom seems to be a bit too much, it can overpower the other bathroom accessories.


Orange has an interesting effect on the human psyche. It can act completely different depending on the personality. Anyway, it is a cheerful color, can give you enthusiasm and optimism but, it is not a fit color for a bathroom. You can use orange paint only to emphasize some details.


Yellow is a color with similar effects as orange but maybe, not so intense. It provides you enthusiasm and generally a good feeling. However, as orange is not an appropriate color for a bathroom.


Red reflects extreme energy. It is the color of life but unfortunately is a strong color and completely unfit for a bathroom. It can irritate you it can gives you an anxious feeling. However, there are dark red nuances, which can have an opposite effect and can have a great look on your bathroom walls.


Neutral Colors

There are many neutral colors such as gray, light brown or nuances and tones, which can have a great look in a bathroom. In fact, it is your decision. You should choose the appropriate, the right color for your bathroom.

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