Upscale Modern and Luxury Makeover with Onyx

“Onyx” is an incredible and lovely variety of the quartz stone family. It comes in a wide variety of colors from white to dark brown and black.  Onyx polishing enhances its beautiful appearance. Generally, onyx, especially black onyx is used in the jewelry industry.

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In the last years, onyx became an increasing choice as a construction material for commercial institutes, restaurants, bars and luxury residences.

In fact, onyx is a unique stone with an incredible translucent appearance.
Polished and back lit onyx can create an enchanting focal point wherever it is, as a front desk in an institution or as a vanity countertop in a gourmet kitchen.

You can find Onyx tiles and slabs in many colors, shades and tones from Chile mountains, The Amazon, Iran, China, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Island etc.

Let’s see some exotic colors and types:

  • Moon Dance Onyx
  • Alabastrino Egiziano Onyx
  • Aqua Onyx
  • Bianco Avorio Onyx
  • Cappuccino Onyx
  • Caramel Onyx
  • Crema honey Onyx
  • Diamond White Onyx
  • Green Onyx
  • Honey Onyx
  • Oasis Red Onyx
  • Onice Bianco Venato Onyx
  • Onyx Nuvolato Onyx
  • Onyx Onice Bianco Onyx
  • Paradiso Onyx
  • Pink Onyx
  • Pink Shell Onyx
  • Red Onyx
  • Tiger Onyx
  • Verde Onyx
  • Verde Scuro Onyx
  • White Onyx
  • Yellow Onyx
  • Bojnourd Gold Stone Onyx

Luxury Makeover with Onyx

Imagine a backlit translucent white onyx clad room (or pod) which acts like a giant lantern for the space around it.

For a luxury gourmet kitchen a Red Onyx countertop can give a unique and beautiful look. An Onyx countertop island takes pride in any kitchen. In plus, a backlit on the interior kitchen island can accentuate the Onyx veined and rich surface.

In fact, you can consider Onyx for its dramatic effect in every architectural element. This stone can be used for floors, walls, countertops, water features, light fixtures and even sculptures.

NOTE: Compared to granite countertop, onyx countertop is more beautiful, but unfortunately more fragile and may be not such a good choice. Keep in your mind, onyx is calcium based stone, is soft and can be damaged. Wines, juices, lemons, vinegars, acids can etch the surface. Also, it can be scratched easily. However, you can prevent that if the onyx countertop is sealed with a fluorocarbon aliphatic resin sealer.

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