Use black in moderation to give your home the right refreshing accent


Black is never out of style! But how do you utilize it in moderation to add a fresh accent to your home?

We know that black never goes out of style, thanks to legends like Coco Chanel, and this is also true in the interior. This vibrant hue may be dramatic, mysterious, and elegant. But how do you utilize it in moderation to add a fresh accent to your home?

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Fabulous Black and White Home Interiors | Decorating with Colours #9 (video)


Your home’s traffic artery is the hall or entrance hall. Make a lasting first impression on your visitors! How? Invest in minimalist accessories and unique style. A unique mirror frame, black lighting, or an unusual hanger will stand out against the white walls and attract your eye at first glance.


Black window and door frames are a very popular trend. They are becoming more common in bathrooms as shower screens, but also as discreet glass door frames that separate distinct rooms within the interior. However, changing door handles or furniture handles can provide a whole different look. Round, square, matte, elegant, or industrial – unique hardware will transform even the most mundane door!

TIP: We promote pairing black with more neutral colors and using dark accessories only as an accent.


A black still life is timeless and traditional, creating a play of contrasts while allowing the other colors to shine. Black candlesticks, black framed photographs or posters, and a dark stoneware vase all look fantastic. This combination is likely to draw attention, whether you add simple dried flowers or a green olive branch.


Because of its ability to highlight details, black may make a room appear more expressive and livelier. In the right proportion, it becomes a fictitious cherry on top of the cake. The combination of black and white is one of the most popular modern color combinations. Make it cozy by utilizing softer colors (e.g., beige, grey) of natural materials (e.g., wood, leather) if you don’t want it to look too austere.


Smaller solitary furniture, lampshades, pillows with a black and white design, or a geometric pattern on the carpet all make an impression in the living room. In the case of textiles, avoid allowing the chosen designs to compete with one another. Make a pair of these, whether it’s a botanical or geometric design, or a minimalist form, and surround them with neutral-colored cushions and blankets.


In the bedroom, adding black or deeper tones looks excellent. This color generates the ideal ambiance for relaxation and makes the space visually appealing in an intimate room. The round forms of the mirror, chair, lamps, and decorations stand out in a tranquil women’s boudoir in grey and earthy tones. They give the appearance of a delicate sketch by a precise artist, exuding elegance, and tranquility.

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