Vacation House – Comfort and Relaxation

Located in quiet areas, surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, away from the bustle of big cities, vacation homes are and should be really, corners of paradise, where the owners can retire from time to time to recharge their batteries.

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It is important to make sure that your vacation home is comfortable and inviting although the surrounding landscape itself is enough to make you feel full of energy and optimism. The exterior design as also the interior design will enhance the feelings offered by the surrounding nature.

The building itself should have a familiar look, considering its location and destination, perfectly integrated in the architecture of the area but at the same time, it should provide a high comfort. So choose a simple architecture that will blend in the countryside look in a pleasant way, and has also a warm and welcoming interior.

The colors and materials used should be neutral, or neutral with the idea to harmonize the building with the surrounding landscape.

To benefit as much as the view, it is a good idea that every room to have at least a row of windows on all exterior wall height, provided with shutters to protect the house and also to provide the necessary of shade.

The Interior of a Vacation Home

For the shared space, consisting of open space that includes the kitchen and dining space for conversation, use shades of caramel and light beige nuances;

– concrete slabs for floor;
– pine wood walls;
– teak table and bench, upholstered with leather in a light brown shade;

Highlight the wall paneling through the finish of your concrete floor. You can also use a bar made ​​of concrete to divide the kitchen from living room, tempered by the caramel shade of the armchairs and by the light brown nuance of the teak table and bench.

However, the focal element of this area should be a fireplace that will warm the decor both literally and figuratively.

For the master bedroom and guest bedroom – use the same line colour and the same materials: stone, wood and concrete. The guest bedroom should be equipped with a private bathroom, and for the floor and shower walls you can use special stone tiles. Master bedroom can be positioned on the upper floor or attic, to provide spectacular views of the surroundings.

However, do not overdo with the decorations and do not load the space with unnecessary items. Some photos of the area, beautiful framed and two decorative lamps are more than sufficient.

The Exterior of a Vacation Home

As for the outside, it should be exploited to the maximum and highlighted by a smart system of lighting.

If you want something spectacular on the outside terrace you can install a fireplace in front of which you can place a table and some chairs. Do not forget the barbecue. It should not miss from the outdoor deck.

Actually, the outside deck will be the “piece de resistance” of your home. For the outdoor furniture, you can choose teak and metal. Rich in oils and silicate, teak does not absorb water, and is very well suited for the outdoor furniture.

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