Tropical Style Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Find your beach décor style and add the bright spirit of the tropical islands to your home with creative design ideas from these dreamy spaces.

Maybe you can’t afford the luxury of having a tropical vacation every year, but if you use the right decorating style, you can surely get the tropical look and feel in your own home. After all a tropical living room makes your home seem brighter, funny and relaxing. You need just several furniture pieces that have a tropical feel, a right combination of textures, fabrics and colors to make your living room a tropical one.

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First of all, the colors, accessories and decorations that you choose for your living room walls will give the overall feel of the room. Choose neutrals, such as pale browns and off-whites that have a natural look making the other colors in the living room look more bright and vibrant. You can also use accent colors such as turquoise and coral.

For drapes, you should use something light, as sheer fabrics, or even mosquito netting. Don’t use vinyl blinds, just wooden blinds.

Living room flooring should be made from hardwood or ceramic tiles in organic, earthy colors. Bamboo flooring is another good choice for a tropical look.

It is recommended a light weight furniture made from bamboo or a combination of wood and rattan.

Adding the proper decorative accessories, like natural shells, silk flowers, exotic plants, animal statues, etc. to a living room is extremely important to truly make it seem tropical and don’t forget to add decorative pillows in bright colors.

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