5 Common Décor Mistakes for Small Spaces

What is the biggest mistake that you can do when decorating a small space in your home?

Most designers will give you the same answers. Even though many of these mistakes seem on the contrary good ideas, suited to a limited space of your house, they are still the biggest and most common mistakes made by homeowners. Let’s see what they are and why should they be avoided.

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1. The cautious décor

The rule of thumb is: “Do not skimp on decor if the space is limited!” Place a poster or a large fabric piece on a wall or even on the ceiling. After all, it is easy, simple and inexpensive to create a dramatic setting in a small space.

It could happen as a bold décor in the living room to irritate you at some point, but in a small room decorated with imagination will be fun to spend a little time.

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2. Do not pay enough attention to the color of the floor and walls

The floor and walls should be light coloured. They automatically give the illusion of space enlargement.

3. You squeeze too many things into a tiny space

A large piece of furniture can make the space seem larger or longer if it is carefully chosen. For example, if you have very high ceilings, a tall cabinet will draw the eye up, and it takes your attention from the room’s small footprint.

Just watch as each piece is in place and does not get tired too much your eyes.

4. You do not think strategically

You’re the only one who must decide how is decorated this room, and which is its utility. Therefore divide the room into several zones – work, sleep, relaxation, dining. Think in halves, quarters and diagonals and assign a function to each section.

5. White walls

Avoid painting the walls in white, although it is said that white makes the room appear larger. Paint the room in gray charcoal, bon white or cream. These shades really will make the space seem larger.

Avoid these 5 major mistakes when decorating your home, and any limited space in your house will seem larger.

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