Wallpaper Revival – Stylish Ways to Dress Your Walls (part2)

Unusual but interesting new post theme and video

The second part of our website post and video, namely” Wallpaper Revival – Stylish Ways to Dress Your Walls”.

Open space with wallpapered walls


This time a quite unusual but very interesting theme – wallpapered walls with stripe patterns”.

How we have already mentioned in the first part of our post and video, wallpaper is coming back in the homeowners and interior decorator preferences.

Wallpaper Revival – Stylish Ways to Dress Your Walls (howtobuildahouseblog.com)

In fact, is an ongoing trend in home interior design.

We hope you will enjoy the creative design and decorating ideas from our new uploaded video, and you will find the right idea for your own home décor.

Of course, if you are a fan of wallpapers and if you want to give your home a new look.

So, let’s start with a series of creative ideas for decorating your home interior with wallpapers.

Today the wallpaper decorating trend has returned with more power.

The interior decorating ideas presented in this website post and in the new uploaded video are for both the ones who do not want to make major renovations, but just take simple and decorative steps and for the ones who want to completely change the look of their living space.

Decorating your living room with wallpaper

Why to choose the wallpaper for your living room?

One answer is that a well-chosen wallpaper will provide a total renovation of the wall adding at the same time, brightness, color, pattern, and optical depth to the overall décor.

But which wall should I choose to decorate with wallpaper?

Kind of tricky question. It is not a simple choice. Many of us are inclined to decorate all walls, others just an accent wall, usually the one behind the TV.

Photo by Glynis Wood InteriorsMore bedroom photos

Sometimes, is a good idea to choose the first one you will visualize when you enter into the room.

Tip 1: You need to combine the wallpaper color with the furniture color. After all, everyone wants a living room in total harmony.

Tip 2: You should be careful with the size of the printouts. The pattern sizes need to be proportional with the size of the room. Large for larger rooms and small for smaller spaces.

There are so many wallpaper styles to choose from vintage, embossed, and leaf papers to flower patterns and bricks or book styles.

How to choose wallpapers for your kitchen or bathroom?

The answer is that you need to choose a washable and waterproof wallpaper.

Tip: Non-woven wallpaper is extremely durable and moisture resistance. In other words, is efficient for kitchen décor.

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