What are the Benefits of Teak Lumber and the Environmentally Impact of Deforestation

Teak wood is the type of lumber that is getting more and more popular every day. Knowing which its special qualities are you will understand why Teak lumber is in continuing and increasing demanding. In fact, Teak lumber seems to be perfectly fit for furniture or decking construction.

Teak floor

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Any homeowner is pleasantly surprised by its special beauty and extraordinary durability, even if it is exposed in harsh weather conditions.

A Little History of Teak Lumber

Teak lumber comes from a tropical tree, “Tectona Grandis”, which grow in the Southeast part of Asia. However, you can find this kind of wood growing in many places around the world but Burma is the main exporter of Teak lumber, almost one third of production is coming from this Asian country. It was used especially in the manufacture of the outdoor furniture and boat decks construction.

The Environmentally Impact – “Conflict Teak”

Today the huge demand of Teak lumber had lead to deforestation of large areas in Southeast Asia, and especially in Burma. Burmese government regime has used the money from sales of teak and gems to finance their maintenance in power. Of course, that has lead too many human right violations.

For that reason many Western countries, and among them the U.S. administration, have prohibited Teak lumber import.

A better, environmentally friendly but more expensive alternative of the Teak lumber production are the renewable Teak plantations from South America. However, because many people consider Burma Teak lumber having superior durability, this “Conflict Teak” is still in high demanding, despite the environmental and political issues.

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Teak Plantation

How I mentioned above, “Tectona Grandis” wood is cultivated on large plantations in South and Central America. These plantations are very successful, because the wood has similar growing conditions as in Burma. Not to mention the fact that sustainable Teak can be grown without using irrigation or fertilizers. In addition, because these plantations are geographically closer from United States, the cost of lumber is significantly cheaper.

In fact, there are no differences as quality and durability between the Burmese Teak lumber (“Conflict Teak”) and Plantation Teak.

Therefore, is wiser to choose Plantation Teak lumber for your project. Only in this way, you can enjoy the qualities of an extraordinary wood and protect the tropical forest.

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