When Do You Need to Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian?

Often, being very busy and having many chores to do in our home, we neglect to take our pet to the vet. A decision to take your pet to a vet checkup can be facilitated when you know exactly what the symptoms that indicate a serious health problem are.

Golden Retriever

Whether your pet is perfectly healthy or an undergoing treatment for a condition, here are some common signs that show you when to take your dog or cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

1. A cat or a dog limping for a few hours could develop other more serious complications including paralysis, if it does not receive immediately the necessary treatment.

2. Lethargy is another important sign of the need for medical attention. If your dog seems very weak and no longer playing, take him quickly to the veterinarian’s office.

3. When the animal refuses to eat or drink for 24 hours, it is important to take it to an emergency vet checkup. The same indication is valid when the animal vomits more than once a day.

4. When urination and defecation delay, cats and dogs can suffer dangerous blockages and veterinary advice is imperative after a day of the symptom onset.

5. If your pet refuses to move or take certain positions while exhibiting pains, through voice signals or not, is a clear indication that your cat or dog, require the attention of a specialist.

6. When your cat or dog is suffering from vomiting or diarrhea repeatedly it is not advisable to postpone the visit to the veterinarian. Pets dehydrate quickly and require an infusion. If it is not taken to the doctor in time its health will deteriorate rapidly, and it may die without treatment.

7. Bleeding in the absence of trauma are another warning sign. Whether the source is the mouth, nose, anus or eyes, it is highly recommended faster care from a veterinarian.

8. Uncontrollable muscle spasms or attacks similar to epileptic seizures are without a doubt, a sign of concern. It is absolutely recommended to call your veterinarian immediately to determine if it is necessary to take emergency measures with the animal before going to the office.

9. When the animal breathing heavily or coughs regularly, an emergency visit to the veterinarian’s office can identify the problem and prevent further complications.

10. When your pet is hard to wake up or has lost consciousness, it can be about a strong change of blood glucose or other issues that can be life threatening.

After all, a healthy pet means a happy pet, a joy for your entire home.

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