Your Home and Minimalist Style

Minimalist style is defined by a light and airy decor, made of simple shapes, geometric, clean and straight lines. In fact, the concept of minimalism comes from the motto “less is more” motto adopted by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Minimalism in interior design appears at the beginning of the twentieth century and is the current that has managed to free the interiors of homes of unnecessary items and excess ornaments that give a feeling of overload.

This style is a perfect decorating style for smaller houses or modern apartments, where in general, the space is a pressing issue.

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In interior design, minimalist style is austere, cold, deep masculine both through the lines and colours. It is also characterized by the simplicity of the furniture line.

It is enough to orient to the minimum. Nothing more. Decorations, accessories, elaborate ornaments are absolutely excluded, only simplicity. The shapes are rectangular, big, drawing the viewer’s attention on the contrasts between full and empty.

1. Colours: Minimalist style is characterized by neutral colors. Minimalist designers are limited to the use of gray, beige, green, white and black.

The walls are usually painted in white. Only for certain details, you can use the primary colors, but only in small quantities.

But even if the color palette looks poor and uninspired, it still aims to create a feeling of privacy and relaxation. Moreover, by combining these neutral colors you can create the illusion of a vast space.

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2. Furniture:  The pieces of furniture have simple shapes and also have relatively low heights.

A house decorated in minimalist style, has only pieces of furniture that are strictly necessary with the idea of spaciousness and avoiding congestion.

Minimalist style means replacing of the massive furniture with a simple one. For example, the cupboards are replaced with shelves, tables and chairs heavy and large are replaced with low tables, cut into simple geometric shapes and stools and cabinets are replaced with spaces built into the walls.

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Moreover, this style supports the idea of open space, of transparency, of renunciation to the internal walls.

Furniture, made ​​of laminated chipboard, mat or semi-transparent glass, and steel has a slightly glossy texture, giving the impression of finish carefully done.

3. Floor: In this style is preferred varnished or painted in neutral shade floors instead of carpets or rugs.

Also, this style requires the use of ceramic tiles that mimic parquet in bathroom and kitchen.

4. Windows: Windows get a personal touch by decorating them; natural light is very important in minimalist arrangement, so materials that are used to decorate windows are transparent and light coloured.

Depending on the space there are used textile panels or blinds – zebra type. However, if you want a more stylish look, then you can use curtains with fringes for both windows and as space dividers.

5. Light: The light is diffused and gives an impression of relaxation and privacy.

In the minimalist decor, the light does not come from a single source located in     the middle of the room, but from more lighting fixtures hidden in the false ceiling.

So, traditional chandeliers are replaced with high metal lamps made artistically, or some very light lamps with paper shades. Also, by using artificial light are emphasized paintings or decorative objects.

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