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Glamour design style – always classy and a bit extravagant

If you are interested in luxurious home interiors with glossy surfaces in gold and silver, in textiles made of the finest velvet, in amazing decorative accessories with a classic look please, read this post and watch the newest uploaded video from our YouTube channel “Grig Stamate”

House Tours, #12 – Glamorous Interior Design (video)

Today’s glamour look comes again in the interior designers’ preferences and convince us with elegant and shiny details, sometimes in a warm golden nuance or in a cool silver tone.

Anyway, much more reserved, and less opulent than several decades ago.

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Nevertheless, the glamorous home interior design style trumps above all with glittering elements made of shiny materials such as glass, crystal, precious metals, and marble.

And do not forget textiles, opulent textiles such as velvet, satin, velour, and luxurious upholstered furniture that is graceful and cuddly.

The glamorous furnishing styles

The glamorous luxurious furnishing style combines everlasting traditional splendor with a modern contemporary look.

It is a smart way to return to old times, to lavishly furnished mansions, villas, and pastels adapting this gorgeous style to the contemporary apartments and houses.

You can see in our video many examples and how to use shiny metallic colors such as silver, bronze, and gold in combination with noble royal blue, deep blue velvet, or burgundy red.

In this way you can create a fabulous home interior.

What can be more glamorous than bronze statues, silver-covered vases, large with golden ornaments paintings frames, and elaborate carvings on furniture pieces such as coffee tables, side tables and chairs?

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What about lamps and light fixtures?

In addition to side tables, majestic chairs, chests of drawers, velvet sofas come impressive table lamps and crystal chandeliers.

With their particularly elegant and graceful look, they perfectly complement the overall luxurious and elegant décor.

Do not forget fabrics and textiles!

Various vaporous curtains, heavy velvet drapes, velvet sofas, velvet chairs, and amazing ottomans are also perfect for clearly defining the style and setting the accents for the décor.

Not to mention the decorative pillows in dark nuances of blue, purple, green, or bright red.

This style is a lot of glitter and shine, but still elegant and stylish.

The lustrous fabrics and sparkling sequins reflect the light from the numerous chandeliers and lamps and bathe the home interior in a cozy and warm glow.

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Glamorous means lush, pompous, sumptuous, and extravagant

At a first glance the home interior seems a bit cluttered – but remains stylish, elegant, and sumptuous. At the same time, it seems a little extravagant. But in fact, everything come in place from the dark and saturated color palette and heavy fabrics to high-quality furniture pieces, luxurious crystal chandeliers and glittering ornaments.

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