The Way to Totally Seal the Deck to Act as Roof for below Area

You want to use the area below deck, treating the deck as if it is a roof. Actually, roof decks are decks that exist over living areas, a garage, or over an area that acts like a deck that is intended to be waterproof, yet can be walked upon.

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This is not as simple as putting a membrane roofing material which would be the best choice, because this material is not meant for foot traffic.

So, roof deck applications are generally quite expensive to build and have a multitude of waterproofing problems and applications.

Using of Sealing Products:

 Sometime you can be discouraged with wood deck sealing products. Many clear sealers turn the deck surface gray in 6 to 9 months. After that the wood starts to turn green and black.

Solution: Using of deck sealers that had color pigments in them to retard the graying process. The microscopic pigment particles in the sealers and water repellent products are very effective at absorbing the ultraviolet light that causes wood fibers to turn gray.

NOTE: Today, you can find a brand new crystal clear deck sealer doesn’t turn gray even after 18 months. The primary ingredients of this new deck water repellent are synthetic resins instead of the commonly used natural oils. In fact, these natural oils are the ingredients that cause your deck to turn green and black.

Cleaning:  Cleaning your wood deck is fairly easy.

  • DO NOT USE a pressure washing device on wood decks. The water blasting from the tip of the cleaner easily erodes the soft light-colored spring-wood fibers.
  • BEWARE of chlorine bleach and liquid cleaners that contain chlorine bleach. It removes the natural color from your wood, accelerates corrosion of the nails and any structural connectors and it dissolves the lignin that holds wood fibers together.
  • Oxygen bleach is the safest deck cleaner. It is non-toxic, safe for plants and does not harm the wood nor remove its color.
Subflooring and Rubber Roofing:

Subflooring and rubber roofing will extend deck life and act as a roof for the patio being added underneath the deck. Then, the deck can easily be carpeted with a wide variety of outdoor carpets that now mimic indoor carpets in their appearance.

Advantages: Rubber roof material is extremely tough and durable and can be easily patched or repaired when needed.

Vinyl Decking – Flooring Membrane:

Vinyl decking is one of the easiest and most reliable products with which to build a rooftop deck. Essentially the material is a thick durable plastic material with a decorative or textured top surface that comes in rolls 5′ or 6′ wide.

A 60 mil vinyl decking flooring membrane makes a very attractive and low maintenance roof top deck.

It is adhered to a deck surface using either standard latex flooring cement or contact cement. Preparation of the deck surface is extremely important. Sand or grind down the joints between the sheeting and ensure that no screws or nails are above the surface. Then you must apply a cement flooring leveler.

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