Your Outdoor Fireplace

Any homeowner wishes to extend his space by bringing the inside out or maybe, outside in, blurring the borders between them. Add your deck, patio, yard or garden to your living space. Take advantage of your home surroundings building an outdoor fireplace.

Building a fireplace increase the look of your patio or garden and also, will increase the overall value of your home.

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When you decide to build your fireplace, you should consider the weather conditions at your location.

However, when you build an outdoor fireplace, you should take in consideration several factors such as weather resistance, fireplace type, safety and dual use of your fireplace (fireplace and grill).

An Outdoor Fireplace Weather Resistant

When you buy your materials, make sure they are rated for outside use.

Try to stay with your budget. You can save your money when you buy one that is not finish and build your own fireplace by using stucco, tile, brick or stone. Use your imagination and taste to create a beautiful fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Types

First choice it is of course, wood burn fireplace. You cannot compare its smell to anything else. However, in the same time you have to take in consideration the smoke, the mess and the fact you have to clean the ash.

Other options are propane and natural gas fireplaces. The fuel burn clean and produces a flame without mess. That means no clean up and low maintenance.

However, it is not a good idea to use your gas fireplace to roast marshmallows, because it is too messy. You have to put in balance what you like and want and only after that, you can choose the right fireplace for you.

Your outdoor fireplace may have included a gas grill. In fact, the grill can become your “outdoor stove”, a competitive rival to your kitchen stove.

Your outdoor fireplace is enjoyable and when the night begins, you can enjoy your dinner together with your friends while the gas burns slowly.

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Outdoor Fireplace Safety

Because is a source of fire, when you built your outdoor fireplace you should take same precautions.

When you build an outdoor fireplace, make sure to comply with all the fire codes.

Before you decide to build your outdoor fireplace:

Clean the area ;
Make sure you have enough clearance from everything that can be inflammable.

When you are using your outdoor fireplace:

Make sure your family and friends are safe, and do not let your children to run around your fire.
Do not allowed small children near the fire!
Train your pets to stay away too; better, you keep them leashed while you use your outdoor fireplace.

Now, you can enjoy your new outdoor fireplace!