Easy Ways to Transform Your Living Room in a Comfortable, Inviting Room

Everyone wants to have a comfortable and inviting home where can spend unforgettable moments with his family and friends.

However, your home is your castle, is the place where your heart is and making from this place a truly living place is everyone desire.

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Perhaps the living room is the first and the most appropriate room where to begin your improvements and adjustments.

Let’s see together several easy ways to transform your living room.

Moving Your Furniture Around

Usually, a living room contains only several appliances and making changes in this room means only changing the furniture placement. In fact, moving around your furniture can give good results. You can obtain more space and also, you can satisfy your desire for change, a desire for a fresh and new look of your main room.

This is an easy and very effective way to improve the look of your living room.

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Refashion or Replace the Accessories

Replacing the living room accessories could be another easy and quite inexpensive way to improve the aesthetic look of your living room.

Many of these accessories such as pillows, wall art, sculptures, frills, vases, ceramic pots, light fixtures can be found and bought at yard or garage sales. You can find also good quality accessories at a very good price in many thrift stores.

Also, a good idea is to buy en gross several yards of fabric and change the cover of your old pillows.

IKEA can be a great source for your light fixtures. However, there are many places where you can find inexpensive free standing or hanging paper light fixtures.

Do not forget exotic living plants. Hanging baskets or one or two beautiful ceramic pots can make a big difference in the overall look of the room. Anyway, all depends of the size and shape of your living room. It is not advisable to have too many plants in a smaller space. A small inside tree in a corner or several ceramic pots on shelves can do wonders.

Painting the Walls of Your Living Room

If you want to spend some time and money then you can paint the living room walls.

Painting the living room walls will have a dramatic effect in the look of your room. It will improve the aspect and also, will sanitize your room.

Painting can make your room appear larger. In fact, you can add dimension to your room. Choosing pastel colors warm your room. Your room will be more friendly and inviting. Of course, the wall colors have to be in accordance with the style and color of your furniture.

However, for a living room it is recommended nuances of green or shade of blue or gray.

Painting can be in combination with tapestry. You can choose a beautiful tapestry for one or two walls. This will add class, charm and style to your living room.

The Living Room Floor

Perhaps it is the right time for a new rug. A brand new modern rug can highlight your personality and be in a perfect harmony with the color of the walls.

You may take in consideration to replace your old hardwood floor with a new, eco friendly one such as bamboo flooring.

However, the cheapest way is the reconditioning of your hardwood floor if you want to keep you within a budget. A stained or new painted floor will improve a lot your living room.

The Living Room Windows

Along the walls and floor, the window coverings have an considerable role in the overall look of the living room.

Changing the window drapes can have a significant contribution to the room transformation.

However, it is extremely important to choose the right color and fabric for your curtains. Your new window coverings must be in a perfect harmony with the rest of your room.

But you know what?

You do not have to be in hurry when you make these transformations or when you redecorate your living room. Take your time, make pictures, check online, consult with your friends or family, and shop around.

Important is to find the right style that represents you. Make from your living room an oasis where you can withdraw with your friends and family.