6 Essentials for a Perfect Home

Comfortable, bright, welcoming, modern and stylish, your home is a mix of different elements, a small corner of paradise, your castle and a puzzle where each piece is important and has its own place. It is good to know that certain things are essential in a home and that without them your home would be much less enjoyable.

Metal Wall Art
Wall Accessory

1. Wall Accessories

Walls have a considerable surface and therefore they need to be decorated in a way that captures your eyes. Paintings, mirrors and pictures, whether larger or smaller, drive away the sadness and boredom in a room. In fact, any idea is more than welcome, but you should keep in mind several things. First, your wall decorations should match with your chosen style or the rest of the décor and secondly do not overdo it. A wall too loaded will give a cluttered space feeling.

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2. Furniture Accessories

Furniture pieces with plane surfaces invite you to decorate them. They are the best suited for accessories. Souvenirs that you brought from your trips, candlesticks, figurines, vases or books deserve a conspicuous place.

It is great and highly recommended to have different decoration themes for specific seasons. For example, in the spring, you can place vases with fresh and vivid coloured flowers and in the fall, you can place on your furniture baskets with winter squash and wonderful arrangements of acorns, pine-cones and leaves.

3. A Pantry

A pantry is essential for your home, if you want to have a special place where you can store your kitchen stuff such as spices, condiments, pickled and jam jars, baking trays, etc. If you do not have a special space to arrange a pantry, you can use without problems, a closet with shelves and fitted with doors. Organizing your kitchen stuff so as not to load your home is a major step in getting a neat and elegant kitchen.

4. Dressing Room

Unlike a wardrobe, a dressing room is roomier and allows you to store your cloths including shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Without this space you will keep all this stuff everywhere through your house. Choose dressing rooms fitted with rattan or bamboo doors for added elegance and decor. Even more interesting are the mirror doors, which create a perfect illusion of more space.

5. Carpets & Rugs

No more carpets from wall to wall. More hygienic and healthy are small rugs. In different sizes and shapes, oval, round or rectangular they are placed next to bed, sofa or even in the middle of your room. In fact, a nice rug can increase the aesthetic look of your room.

6. Armchairs & Recliners

A recliner is just what you need after a hard day at work. However, depending on your room style, you can opt for classic, compact armchair or you can choose even a minimalist armchair style.

A recliner offers you the much needed comfort and have an attractive appearance.

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