Room Dividers | Smart, DIY, and Creative Ideas, #2

Room divider ideas

Room dividers help to divide a living space into different areas without reducing the area. This creates privacy, comfort, and intimacy. Especially large rooms and modern open spaces invite to be separated but not only. A small studio apartment for example can be quickly “turn” into a one-bedroom apartment with the help of a room divider.

Glass Panel Room Divider

Room divider and extra storage space

Open shelves are a great idea for a room divider. They are particularly popular as room dividers because they provide storage space at the same time.

Yeah. They not only divide your living space, but also offer a lot of extra storage space for your small stuff such as decorations, books, and other small things such as ornamental boxes.

Because they are airy and do not block the line of sight, they do not make the living space feel smaller.

Screen Panel Room Divider

What can be used as room divider

In addition to area rugs, which also visually divide a room in different areas, closed pieces of furniture, panels, glass walls, curtains, etc. can be wonderful room divider. In fact, anything but with a single condition. They do not have to be too big and bulky, because they will take away from the size of the room.

If you need to know more about how to separate in zones a living space and about room dividers, please watch the new uploaded video from the YouTube channel “Grig Stamate” . The 2nd part of video series: “Room Dividers | Smart and Creative Ideas”.

Room Dividers | Smart and Creative Ideas, #2 (video)

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Room dividers create privacy

Yeah, it is true. Room dividers create intimacy, coziness, and privacy.

How I have already mention they can turn your small living space into a “small one-bedroom apartment”. This in case if you separate the bed area from the rest of your living space.

What can be used?

Again, everything from modern fireplaces and flexible room dividers to Asian screens and DIY creations.

You will see many, many examples in our uploaded video.

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Speaking about DIY room dividers

Floor-to-ceiling panels, curtains, potted plants, twigs, branches, trellises, and so on.

Again, you will find many examples in this sense in our video.

We sincerely hope you like our ideas from this post, and you have also enjoyed the YouTube video.

I hope you will find here inspiration for the living space makeover project.

Have fun with your DIY room divider project.

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