Advantages of choosing a dark wall color (part1)

Dark walls โ€“ something unusual and mysterious, something you are keen to try but you are unsure and afraid that it will not fit in your home dรฉcor.

Maybe our article can help you to make your mind.

All the rules are made to be broken and home interior decorating rules make no exception. Like the statement that small home interiors are best suited to be painted in light colors. And that darker colors work best in large living spaces.

To be honest somehow it is true, but certainly it is not a generally rule.

All depends on what you want from your home interior. So that’s why I thought it is a good idea to share with you several main reasons to choose dark walls the next time it’s time to make a change at home.

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A dark wall changes the room proportions

Letโ€™s start with the most common and obvious thing when we think of apply dark colors in our home interiors. The statement that dark colors are not a good choice for small rooms.

In my opinion you shouldnโ€™t be afraid by that. More importantly you need to be aware that with a dark color can change the room’s proportions feeling.

For example, if you have a spacious room, a dark color on the walls makes the room feel smaller. But if you choose a dark nuance of a color, such orange, yellow, or red to paint the walls, the living space will certainly also feel smaller but warm and cozier.

However, if you are you opt for a dark, but cold color on the walls  such as blue, purple, or green the living space will feel larger than if you choose a dark and warm color. Interesting, isnโ€™t it?

If you have a high ceiling, a dark color makes the ceiling height appear lower.

Therefore, sometimes is a great idea to cozy up your home interior to by choosing a dark color on all the room walls. In this way you will create a real “wow feeling” and add coziness and character to your home interior.

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