Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa with the New Bathtubs

Do you want to turn your bathroom into a small spa without major changes such as cutting or moving walls?

Then perhaps the new models of bathtubs that have been launched on the market are the right choice.

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Aquatic’s Starla Bathtub

“Aquatic” has introduced not long ago, a hydrotherapy bathtub, which can replace successfully the classic and common 60-inch bathtubs. The Starla  Bathtub has no less than 8 adjustable jets (whirlpool jets) and measures 57-in by 38-in by 24-in. Therefore, because it is smaller than the ubiquitous 60-in (it has only 57-in) tub, no need to change the layout of your bathroom.

Aquatic’s Starla Bathtub is a drop-in acrylic bathtub that can be a luxurious and stunning upgrade for any bath alcove. It is available as a whirlpool or soaker. Starla bathtub features a raised headrest, a big backrest and sculpted armrests that make it look more voluminous than it really is.

The price is affordable starting at $ 960.

Aurora Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

The Aurora freestanding soaking bathtub is made of hand-hammered 16-gauge recycled copper. This luxurious 72-in free standing copper soaking bathtub is coming from Aurora collection and is handmade, old style. More than that, this sumptuous tub in Antique finish that is not sealed or lacquered and therefore will have a natural impressive look over time. However, a brushed nickel finish model can also be found on the market. In addition, the Aurora freestanding soaking bathtub is also available in 60-in size to accommodate all the bathroom sizes.

It is really a luxurious bathtub that can change completely the look of your bathroom. Soaking in this tub is a delight for both body and soul, bringing you full relaxation.

This bathtub will be the focal point of any kind of bathroom and if it is combined with handmade copper basins and mirrors will make an artwork from this important room of your home, not to mention that copper is a very hygienic material killing harmful bacteria.

A price between $9,875 and 17,900 may seem prohibitive for many of us, but we must not forget that this artwork is handmade by true artisans.

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