Attic, Loft Conversion – From a Storage Space to a Functional Area

In many households, loft is used only, as a storage space, becoming in time a cluttered space, full of useless things. I am sure that you have thought many times, how you can use this space.

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And why not?

– Your family structure has changed. Children have grown and need their space. A new bedroom is more than necessary
– Perhaps you need a space where you can relax. A game room is the perfect solution.
– You work at home and you need an office.
– You need a space where you can meet with family and friends and spend unforgettable moments together. The answer is a playroom.
– You are a movie fan and you really, need a special place where you can enjoy a quality audio and video. A theater room is your dream.
– But, maybe the space is not an issue and you only want a well-organized, large storage space.

Game Room

Conversion of your loft in a game room is a great idea. Imagine a space filled with video game systems, pool table and much more. It will be an exciting place for all family members. Everyone can relax and enjoy pleasant moments and have fun.


A playroom is also a smart idea. You can have your kids parties in a place specially assigned. However, it is much better than having these parties throughout your home.

In fact, the idea is to convert your loft or attic into a giant playground. A small bathroom and a room for a refrigerator for refreshments and a buffet for snacks will complete this room.

Children can play, have fun, without any disturbance to you and without interrupting your daily work.


Your children have grown and they are of different genders. Everyone needs privacy and its own space.

It is absolutely necessary a new bedroom. A loft conversion can create a nice and quite bedroom. It will be ideal for your teenager or for your guest.

It is a smart addition to your home. This addition will increase your living space and your home value.

In fact, if you have enough attic space, you can build a small apartment with a bathroom and a kitchenette.

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Having your home office allows you to work without interruption and without any disturbance. This is extremely important for your business.

Therefore, converting your loft into a stylish and modern office would ease your work and at the same time, you will have more privacy.

Home Theater

Theater room is the solution for movie fans and not only.

It is a new concept, a new way to have fun and spend great moments with your friends and your family.

However, technical achievements in electronics make home theater an indispensable element of contemporary life.

Meanwhile, you can to free up your living room, creating more space for dining room or space where you can relax and enjoy quiet moments.

Storage Room

However, if your home is large enough for your needs and you do not need any addition then use this space as a storage room.

It is good to have a specific place for your winter or summer items, Christmas decorations, toys and so on.

Only organize your stuff , carpet your attic or install hardwood floor and this space will look much better.